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All Dressed Up and Too Much Nip!

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Petsmart had their hallloween items marked way down, so I picked up a bandanna for the girls for $.99!

Mooch took right to it and has been wearing it all day for the past few days:

She's even trying it out in different positions:

"You know I'm hot!"

Noodles however, does not care for it....not one bit!

I did manage one pretty good pic of her in it though! But she still doesn't look too happy!

And Daddy decided to give the girls some loose nip tonight. I thought it was a little too much, but Mooch didn't mind. (His hand slipped when he was pouring it out! Most of that eventually went back in the container!)

And with all that nip available, this is what Noodles found most interesting....
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Look at Noodles "Does this make my butt look fat?"
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Awwww they look so sweet with their bandannas on!

The "You know i'm hot" picture is a gorgeous one of Mooch
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So cute! Looks like a very fun evening all around.

It's OK Noodles, not everyone is a bandanna person
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Awww, they look soo cute!
Frisco has a bandana too, and he actually likes to wear it!
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Mooch is a very good model maybe Noodles will get used to it
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LOL! Those bandanas are too cute!
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I've been thinking....maybe Noodles needs a more feminine pattern. It can't be too hard to make one of those! I've got both fabric and time! Just need a little Velcro!
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What a bunch or cuties! Kitters would be just like Noodles trying to gnaw her way out of it!
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Look at Mooch modeling her bandana

How did Noodles turn her head completely around

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That sure made me laugh!!! What cute kitties! I can't believe she loves the bandana!!! One of my mom's dogs just loves wearing bandanas too!
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