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Tons of Updates on my Grandpa!

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I can't believe how long its been since I've updated you guys, so so sorry!!

We are out of the ICU!!! We were on the floor for about two weeks and the day before yesterday he was checked into the rehab floor!!! So now, once he builds up all his strength, the next step is HOME! We're hoping by Thanksgiving, but thats real iffy right now.

They took his trache out Saturday, and he's doing great. He's still using a little oxygen right now, but the doctor doesn't think he'll even need that soon!! He's really doing great, today he walked all the way down the hall and back, it was the farthest he's went yet. He's getting up and going to the bathroom now too which is great, and the best yet--he can talk to us now!!! With the trache in he could a little but it took a lot of strain, but now with it out he hasn't shut up since!! lol

Friday they had to call rapid response on him because he passed out after being put in his chair, turns out all of the pain meds were building up in his system. The doctors gave him some medicine to reverse the pain medicines and stopped those completely and by that afternoon he was 100percent better than what he had been. The next day he was walking circles around the docs! Since then he has been making progress by leaps and bounds.

He still can't swallow yet, the trache did some damage to those muscles, so he's getting physical therapy for that. Hopefully in a week or so he'll be able to start to eat.

Anyway, I think thats all of it for now. Thank you all again for all of your thoughts and prayers through this whole ordeal, its been a long hard 8 weeks, but the end is drawing near!!!

You guys really are the best, your thoughts and prayers mean the world to me and my family!
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I'm so glad to get an update & such a good one, too!
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Oh I'm soooo glad to hear such a wonderful update! I'm so happy for you all!!!
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