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You really can find everything in Wal Mart!

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I picked Marti up, no way was I leaving her there! It's supposed to sleet with flurries tonight!

She's like 3 months old. I'm pretty sure I saw the people dump her, too. She's a black & white tuxedo, I put her in my car while I loaded up my kitty litter into the trunk & she sat in the back window & watched me. Ate like a horse when I got her set up at the humane society.

At least now she'll find a good home! This is, IMO, the worst part of Wal Mart coming to town, people will be dumping kitties there big time.
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Awwww... Poor kitty!
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poor kittie! I'm glad you rescued her!
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I got my male cat twinkles at walmart. (a man was giving away kittens and I just had to have one.)
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Aww, poor little kitty!
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Awww, poor kitty.
Good thing you were there to help!... I don't understand why people don't take them to the shelter in the first place!
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She's lucky she ran into you poor baby.

Here's some that she finds a good furever home soon...
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Lucky you were there! Poor kitty.
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Pearl and her brother Cotton came from Wal-Mart. There was a family giving away kittens that had been born in their barn. At least thry had let them stay with their mommy until they were weaned. Cotton has been with my sister his whole life, and I got Pearl by way of my daughter that had seen the woman abuse her one too many times. Poor Pearl has never been quite right. The that had her said she was weak and wanted to toughen her up. All she succeeded in doing was giving her brain damage.
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Oh the poor thing. So glad you found her and got her all taken care of.
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Awww, poor kitty! Thank goodness she has people like you!!!!
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Awww, poor thing. She's a lucky kitty to have been found by you.
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a good thing you went to Walmart
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