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Give yourself a hug.

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I just came back from my weekly Buddhist meditation evening and after our group discussion tonight, I realized something important.

I have been having problems with sudden episodes of depression for years, and tonight I think I just figured out a big part of the problem. I think I make myself miserable because it's the only time I feel I deserve to "love" myself. At any other times, I am very hard on myself, but when I'm depressed, I suddenly feel sorry for myself.

So I'm not cured yet, but at least I know I need to give myself hugs once in a while. Not because I "deserve" them or because I am miserable and "need" a hug but because it's a good thing to do.

So as you read this, stop for a second and give yourself a mental hug.
If you wont, I might just have to come over and hug you myself.
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It feels good to give myself a mental hug at the moment as I am so tired and feel miserable! I've been on the go for 12 days in a row and the cat woke me up several times last night. It's lucky I love him or he would have been out the door! I'm going to sleep all weekend................
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for you my friend!
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Wrapping right arm around left shoulder, left arm around right shoulder and H-U-G! Thanks for the reminder that a hug can and will make you feel better about things.
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