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brown inside nose

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my 5 month old kitten, max, keeps developing this dark dark brown hard crust inside his nose. it develops right at the end, it's a thin layer, right under the sides, yah know, where the top part has a gap between the bottom. what can this be? yes, i know my description of where it is isn't the best description, lol.
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It's kitty boogers
My two year old Ivory still gets them, but she has chronic sinus issues.
Your baby should grow out of it eventually (unless he's got a slight URI going on).
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he has been sneezing a bit. should i take him to the vet, or will this just past? it's been going on for over a week or maybe two.
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I have the same problem and they have been to the vet. Vet said that it's common in kittens and active cats; if their nose is a little moist, it will pick up dirt as they run around, play, smell things. She said, though, that if the kitties sneeze more than a few times a day or if you have to clean the nose more often than every couple days, then it might indicate a URI.
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Our Bruce, who is almost 10 months old, has this, just exactly as you describe - we have been keeping an eye on it but it seems just to be 'kitty boogers' as someone called it! It is happening less now, so perhaps he will grow out of it - hope yours does too!

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My Turkish Angora gets them pretty often. (she's been checked out by the vet to rule out med. issues.) He said it is just kitty snot and not to be alarmed. I would have your kitty in to see the vet to rule out any kind of medical issue and then once you're in the clear just assume it's kitty snot. (they get it like we do!).

I just try to keep Izzy's clean I take a tissue and clean her nose every day or everytime i see snot in her nose. She never sneezes/etc or has allergies issues, so for her it is just a "booger" thing I wouldn't necessarily say your kitty will grow out of it- my Isabella is several years old now and she's never grown out of it (and she won't because she is going to produce nasal discharge for the rest of her life as will any other kitty.) -the key is just to keep the nose as clean as possible
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