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RIP Peek.

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I brought Peek in to be tested and get his shots. When I got home from work he just wasnt acting right. He tested positive for FELV and FIV, was severely anemic and was dehydrated. The vet said there was no way he would ever fully recover so I made the difficult choice to put him down before he got visibly as sick as he was medically. He had 2 good days of snuggling in a warm bed with me. I thought I would let you guys know.

RIP Peek! I wish I could have known you longer.
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aww Peek! I'm so sad.
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Oh, no. I'm so sorry. Bless you for filling his last days with love and comfort.
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I'm sorry. He died after spending two days much loved, he got to know what it is like to snuggle in bed, he got a few days of a real life.
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RIP little one. He was one of the lucky ones though, he got to have love and a good home for the last 2 days of his life, and went with someone who loved him, and could let him go peacefully and with dignity, rather than cold, alone and in pain on the streets.
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I'm so sorry At least he got two days of being loved and cared for!
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Poor baby, he got to know what being loved was like though

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Oh my gosh, nooo!
I agree with the others, at least he was with you long enough to know what it was like to be loved..

Rest in Peace sweet Peek.
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Oh no, I'm so sorry!! I'm so glad that he got to know what it's like to be loved. RIP Peek.
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Aww, I am so sorry!! You made Peek feel love in his last days. He will never forget you for that. RIP Peek
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Oh no, just as his life was looking up. They say they chose their time to go. RIP Peek, at least you had 2days of love.
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Thanks everyone. I think this has got to be the most painful thing Ive been threw in awhile. His passing was not peaceful he fought the whole time and Im not sure if I can ever do it again after seeing what he went threw his last few minutes.
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I just hate reading these threads. Poor little one. At least he know some warmth and love and security for part of his short life. Thank you for caring so much for him.
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i'm glad his last days were happy ones!
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I'm so sorry you lost your sweet baby, and that his last moments were so difficult.
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Condolences on your sad loss of Peek. I cannot find the words that can express how badly I feel for Peek and you that the passing was not easy - one of my horses took over half an hour and 2 attempts; at the last, the vet was yelling at him, "Die!*** just die!" and it was the longest and worst that the vet had ever gone thru, and his father owns a pack station, so this type of thing is very familiar to him. And then my dog, Tasha, fought to stay with me, too (different vet), but I suddenly got inspired and told her, "Tasha, go get Tinker (my mare who had recently passed at age 37yrs)!" ;and Tasha's ears pricked up and at the very instant, she was gone and the vet said, "She did!". But other than that, being put down by the vet has ALWAYS been a blessed relief for the numerous other pets that I've taken in.
At this point in time, Peek joins Tasha and Kessler, and all our other wonderful loved ones who are now pain-free and enjoying a reward that can only get better when we get to reunite with them again - this time forever!
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I'm sorry it was difficult for Peek at the end, but he's at peace now and that's what matters. You did such a wonderful thing by showing him love and kindness and that is what's important. RIP Peek, knowing you were loved.
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Rest in Peace Peek. You did a wonderful thing giving him so much love in his last days!
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Im so sorry it had to be a tough last few minutes with him but at least you were there for him! He knew you were doing whats best for him, Im sure of it! RIP
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