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Weird Scabs

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My cat (who is 9 yrs old) has recently developed weird scab like things all over his neck and some of his facial area. They peel off really easy and it seems like he scratches at them quite a bit. i've tried looking this up and i cant find anything about this issue anywhere. Has anyone ever heard of this before?
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When Torty and Stumper had scabs on their necks it was a seasonal allergy which caused itching and scratching. I never did determine what they were allergic to and it only happened two summers. They received Depo Medrol (steroid) shots about every four weeks which relieved the itching and scratching.

Good luck to you and your kitty in finding a solution to his problem.
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It is probably fleas or a seasonal allergy.
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Leeloo had this once, they were tiny scaby bumps all over her neck that she scratched really bad she would bleed. I took her to the vet so many times to get it diagnosed and we tried several things. He kept saying 'feline acne' was the cause, I also suspected allergies. I took off her collar because I had recently boughten her a new one and a few people here said that might have been the cause, it went away after awhile and I never knew exactly what caused it but it never came back after.
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yeah my cat has had this twice in his lifetime. I suppose it's something in my house as this cat is an indoor cat and he doesnt wear a collar. Thanks a lot everyone! =)
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