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Weird question about my dog...

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I wasn't quite sure what forum to put this under since it's really not cat related. Mod's move it if it needs to be...

Ok...Last night my dog (Mandy) got into our brand new bag of Potatoes. She of course thinks it's quite funny for us to run after her while she's got a big Spud in her chompers! She looks like she takes a bite out of one and then goes back for another one...but she will never eat a full one. I'm just wondering if potatoes are ok for dogs? I try to put the tators hidden away, but it always seems like someone forgets to put them away and Mandy will take advantage of it! So...does anyone know if they are bad for her? I've never heard of potatoes being toxic to dogs...but I thought maybe someone on here would know.
Thanks a bunch!
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Raw potatoes can be toxic to dogs, to what degree, that I do not know. I found this link

Toxic foods

I am going to move this to health and nutrition and hope Sandie can shed more light on this for you
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Well I know that quiet a few GOOD dog foods have COOKED potatoes in them, and that's healthy for them.

What type of potatoe was it?
I'll say just put the potatoes up and out of the dogs reach! Here's a little bit of reading for you reguarding Potatoes and Dogs.

"Potato poisonings among people and dogs have occurred. Solanum alkaloids can be found in in green sprouts and green potato skins, which occurs when the tubers are exposed to sunlight during growth or after harvest. The relatively rare occurrence of actual poisoning is due to several factors: solanine is poorly absorbed; it is mostly hydrolyzed into less toxic solanidinel; and the metabolites are quickly eliminated. Note that cooked, mashed potatoes are fine for dogs, actually quite nutritious and digestible. "
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Thanks for the info and the link...
I've been telling my family member to put away those darn potatoes, but they don't listen. I just told them that it is a MUST since they can be toxic to dogs! Finally everyone agreed to take extra precautions about things like this...but I will make sure that potatoes & etc are no longer in her reach.
Thanks again!
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only the green parts on them are toxic to dogs and people! If there is no green on it the dog can eat it.My lab ate them all the time .I ask the vet about it,she said just what I said.
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