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dammit I am hissed!

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Mike and I were driving to town when on the opposite side of the road a momma duck and her 4 babies stepped out to cross. I whirled around to watch and prayed that they would make it safely, but no such luck! A big old white pick-up hit the mom and she went flying. Mike turned around and we went back and the babies were off the road and in the grass. When I went to get them, they ran off into the woods. I could hear them but they were effectively hiding. I took Mom off the road and placed her in the grass so the babies wouldn't go out in the road. Then when we got home, I called my critter friend and we back with nets to catch babies. We looked over an hour beating back the brush but no babies :confused3: I think in the time it took us to go back home, the babies must of gone back in the road, and hopefully someone stopped and scooped them up. We did see a black cat nearby, but it looked to skinny and hungry to be the culprit in the vanishing babies mystery. I just pray that someone did manage to catch them, because the odds for their survival out there tonight, are real slim. That truck did not need to hit that family. There was plenty of room to get around her and there was no way the driver couldn't see them unless he was on his cell phone or something! GRRRRRR! Poor mom, she never knew what hit her.
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hissy! i just cant take these stories anymore, every millisecond
an animal dies, and so often it's a cruel death, or a preventable one,
and i just throw my hands up because i dont know what i can
do about it... you are a priceless, precious individual, so often you
are out there, doing whatever you can to help those creatures.

thank God for people like you.
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But I just get so angry when I see stuff like this. I see it so often, and I know there is a reason for me to be there so I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING! Life is so often disregarded out here in the country. I cried all the way home after seeing her hit, and the rage was just building up inside me. If I don't put my rage here, God only knows what kind of a person I would be to my poor hubby! LOL Such a long-suffering individual to just say "OK dear" when I scream at him- "Oh God, Mike go back, an animal just got hit!" Thank God for him, and again, I am sorry if I upset you. I tried kicking my tires of my truck, but all that did was hurt my toe!
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i didnt mean to imply you couldnt vent here, of course you
can!! i can, after all choose not to read it if i cant handle it

it doesnt offend me at all, it's good for you to get it out, dont hesitate!
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I am sure it was awful to look at and go through. I am sure the babies will be okay. I went through something like that a month ago. I hit a what I think was a Turkey, but I couldnt avoid it at all. It was a horrible ordeal!!!
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Sandie, you poor thing - it must feel awful! But that was an accident! These things can happen!

It's the people who are doing this for fun that is so upsetting! Some people are plain cruel!
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Hissy: Thank you for caring. When I read stories like this I cry because I remember how many precious babies I have lost here in the city because people were taking out revenge or spite or whatever on me (The fat, old crippled cat lady who gets too loud when she sees kids teasing puppys or kittens, or posts notices on doors and cars and sign posts when she sees injustices or has a new litter she is looking for good homes for.) These cruel idiots have killed animals on purpose and then hung them on my door or thrown them up on my porch. They even tried to poison my Dartanyn (shepherd mix) but I caught it before he got to it, and when I tried to tell the police I knew who had thrown that awful antifreeze-laced hamburger in my yard, they just acted like I was, indeed, that "crazy old cat lady" everyone talks about and they asked me if my dog's vaccinations were up to date and was he safely fenced! A__HOLES! It is a shame but the majority opinion seems to be: "They're only animals, after all, why do you let yourself get so upset. . . .?" I would love to see these same people lost on the plains of the Sereghedy being chased by a pride of hungry lions "Afterall, you're only dinner; why do you let yourself get so upset. . . . . . . . ?"
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TLK - this is so sad to hear. I can't believe people would torture you like this just because you're such a good person! This makes me so angry !!!
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it really is nauseating. I felt sick just reading Darlenes post. it's all we can do just to take care of our little piece of the world, but it doesn't seem to be enough because we are outnumbered by sadists. we have a responsiblity to take care of those who can't speak for themselves. I can't understand how someone could hurt something that is defenseless.
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Hissy....I am so sorry to hear about the moma duck....how sad.
And Threeleggedkat....I am mortified to hear that people treat you that way!!! I am so sorry there are such horrible people in the world...my heart just goes out to you!!
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I am sorry I posted these sad things, but in the city there are a lot of cruel people that figure they have the right to be horses' asses (no offense intended to Hissy and beautiful horses everywhere). I should also mention that all the sad times are overshadowed when a neighborhood child comes to my door with a note that says it is all right with his mom if he takes one of my new kittens. (I make all the kids get permission first) And then when they come back year after year to tell me how much they love their cats. Or if a person shows up at my door with a sick cat and I am able to help them or get help for them. Many times the neighbors tell me that they didn't know what to do and someone mentioned where "the cat lady" lived and said that "she would know how to help; if anyone could" You see these are the reasons I don't mind being "That crazy, old cat lady"!

Thank you all or helping me remember
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