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I recently bought Frontline Spray and am very excited at the prospect of saving money especially since I am fostering animals and have four of my own. However, I was reading the directions and it says "apply spray mist until animal's hair is damp to thoroughly wet"... well, my bottle has no "mist" option, the only way it comes out is by a course stream of Frontline. I have tried every variation of moving the nozzle and it's always a course stream.

I've heard that the spray works differently than the drops by killing the fleas that come in contact with it rather than through the blood stream. It seams to me that my pets won't be adequately protected if I can't actually mist this product over their whole body. Due to the "stream" I can only get it on a few spots. Not only that, but my cats are not fans of a stream of liquid being sprayed on them multiple times.

I am planning to call Merial about this, but before I do I was curious if anyone had any experience with this.

Also, the bottle I have looks like this... ... does anyone know if there is a difference between that one and this one with the different nozzle... ?