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Movie suggestions please!

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John is going to Tennessee on Saturday with his dad to pick up a car. He'll be gone all day and maybe all night. I'm going to be bored, and I'd like to get some movies to watch that I haven't already seen. Does anyone have any good suggestions for me? I'm not picky, I love comedies and I also like romantic movies that John never likes to watch with me.
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Do a Mel Brooks marathon. or maybe watch Monty Python movies. Life of brian, Holy Grail to name two of them.
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Sounds like romantic comedy would work -- one of my recent favorites is "Words & Music," and of course there are the Meg Ryan classics: "You've Got Mail," "Sleepless In Seattle," and "French Kiss." All chick movies, which I normally don't like -- but I liked these!

But if you've never seen "That Thing You Do," well, do it! It's absolutely wonderful, one of the best "small" movies I've ever seen! Don't rent -- go ahead and buy it. You won't be sorry!
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What part of TN just wondering!

Hmm... 50 first dates is a cute movie! You can get on google and search top 5 comedy movies of all time or something like that! Have you seen Sweet Home Alabama? Or What Women Want?

Ooo if you're up to a good action movie I would recommend V for Vendetta it was an awesome movie!
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The Notebook
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City of God if you can find it. It's a movie from Brazil but it is on of the best movies I have seen. A good comedy is 12 Monkeys. Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis are hilarious in it. A good western is Once Upon a Time in the West. A good horror is the original Halloween (not Rob Zombie's attempt to remake a masterpiece). A good action/romance movie is Best Men. Those should keep you busy for a while.
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Thanks for all the suggestions so far! I'm definitely going to be stocking up on movies, LOL.

What part of TN just wondering!
I believe it's Kingsport. He's going to pick up a Volkswagen Thing!
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LoL TELL HIM GOOD LUCK! I live in Bristol (part of the tricities which includes kingsport) and I DESPISE going to Kingsport it is the most annoying town evfer! I get lost every time. Plus... then there's eastman... not fun, a friend of mine got lost and drove through eastman about 8 times and every time we had to name off a new rare disease we probably got! Its a giant chemical company, that is a very stinky place to be around!
Oh and if he got a map off of the internet tell him the exit numbers have changed on I26 have changed and they arent updated on all the map sites yet! If he even has to get on 26 anywhere!
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The Holiday is a GREAT chick flick!
Serendipity is also one of my favorites, very girly!
Reign Over Me is amazing, a tear jerker- John watched it with me & even he liked it!
I've heard that The Pursuit of Happiness is really awesome too!
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We watched Children of Men last night that was pretty good but kind of bloody.

Transformers is a good movie.

Then there are always the older movies like Message in a Bottle, and Sweet November, those are serious tear jerkers. Or the Matrix Or heck even LOTR.
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50 First Dates, Hitch, Failure to Launch
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Since someone else has already mentioned City of God, I'll chime in to say that it is probably (IMO) the best movie released in the past 10 years. It's definitely not hard to find, but I doubt that it is the kind of movie that you're looking for. My Sassy Girl is one of the rare modern romantic comedies that is actually a very good movie, but it is Korean and has not been released on DVD in the US, so it may not be easy to rent. Amelie is also outstanding if you haven't already seen it. Mr. Jealousy is a pretty good (not outstanding) romantic comedy that too few people have seen. The Lady Eve is a classic that I feel is somewhat under-appreciated. Edgar Wright and Wes Anderson movies are pretty good for straight comedy. These days, it sure is a lot easier to find a good drama than it is to find a good romance or comedy.
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Blades of Glory was pretty funny I thought and that's fairly recent. Or Little Miss Sunshine! Sooooo good.

You can never beat classic chick flicks like Dirty Dancing or Pretty Woman either.
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Originally Posted by Catnip View Post
Or Little Miss Sunshine! Sooooo good.

I love Little Miss Sunshine. Also, some goods ones are Because I Said So, The Holiday, The Family Stone, and Spiderman 3.
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Thanks so much everyone! I have a pretty good sized list now of movies that I'm going to get today! And capt_jordi, thanks for the helpful info. He did get a map off of the internet and I have told him what you said. If he doesn't get lost, the entire trip will take roughly 14-15 hours including stops and getting the car, and he said they'll try to make it back that night instead of staying overnight. I just wish I could go with him! But there is no one to watch the dogs and they cannot be alone that long without walks, Scooter especially.
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