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Other pets?

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Do you all have any other pets besides cats? We have 7 dogs that are keepers where all but two are special needs. And then we have one foster.

Cisco- two legged male German Shepherd/Border Collie mix
Mazda-three legged female Rottweiler/Dalmation mix
Shogun- blind male English Bull Dog
Pax- male American Cocker Spaniel who is fine aside from skin problems
Sky-male blue merle Australian cattle dog who is deaf and partially blind.
Pepsi- female American Cocker Spaniel who is deaf
Mocha- female Pitbull/pointer mix who is perfectly healthy

Then we have three horse. No special needs lol just three normal lol horses.

Calypso- Red Roan 5 year old Quarter Horse mare ( newly Pregnant with Striders foal)
Strider- 9 year old Black Paint Quarter Horse/Mustang cross Stallion
Lady- 3 year old dun and white paint quarter horse mare

And then we have the rest of the zoo.

Hank- 16 year old Mini Donkey gelding

Princess- 5 year old specially bred and bought pure bred Angeln which we show. And we plan to breed her eventually. She is Hanks paddock mate.

Andre- 1 year old male pet skunk my husband found and brought home as a baby lol. He is very much like a cat.

Blue- blue grey male pygmy goat.

Spicey- bay pinto female pygmy goat.

Both of the goats are paddock mates to Hank and Princess

And our newest addition

Fluffy- a little female pot belly piglet who was dropped on our front door

one pot belly piglet, pet skunk (yes skunk) lol, and two goats.
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I have four dogs, all rescues:
Thunder - 5 year old German Shepherd
Sammy - 3 year old Jack Russell/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix
Marley - 2 year old Jack Russell
Scooter - almost 11 month old Beagle/Sheltie/Coonhound mix

And I have one horse of my own, plus John's dad has five draft horses. We have:
Levi - 7 year old Appaloosa/TWH gelding (my horse)
Boomer - Belgian gelding
Thunder - Belgian gelding
Bob - Belgian gelding
Jack - Clydesdale gelding
Nick - Clydesdale gelding
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You have a skunk?! Too cool! I want him!

I'm boring with 2 cats and a special needs shihtzu. She is 15 and blind and has skin problems. Shes a stinky ugly dog but I love her
And my roomie has one cat and a peacock eel. But we might be getting a 2 year old basset hound lab mix
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I have 10 cockatiels and a blue and gold macaw (names are in my sig).
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I have a dog.
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I have children
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1 male dog, Bear, a lab/bully mix -6 yrs
1 female Chilean rose tarantula, Lloth -3yrs
1 male Hahn's macaw parrot, Murphy -7yrs
1 female black skirt tetra, the sole survivor of a tank crash
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I have my four cats:

Jasmine, Isabella, Velvet, Kojak (and a 3 legged foster kitten, Jezabel)

My two dogs:

Fosters (Australian Shepherd), and Whiskey (Carolina Dog)

My betta:

Blue Tattoo

and when i moved out of my mom's house i left behind 3 of my beautiful furbabies at her request (those were the ones she was very,very attached to and she couldn't bare to part with them)-

So i really have a 12 yr old wolf mix as well (Ginger - she's soo pretty!), Another kitty (dsh) - Abilene, and a blue holland lop rabbit Sophie)
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other then the 5 cats, we have five rabbits (some are fosters, we just haven't figured out who we are keeping, 1 has a home to go to soon)then there are 2 gerbils & 2 mice.
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ALong with my five cats, I have two dogs:

Maggie; 2 year old female Chihuahua mix.
Daezi; 5 year old female choc Labrador.

Funny considering I live on a farm. I've just yet to fill it up with farm animals. I hope to get some chickens and goats going soon though.
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1 yorkie age 12

2 micro fish tanks
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In addition to two cats:

1 Panther Chameleon (Furcifer pardalis)
2 Suriname Cobalt Dyeing Poison Dart Frogs + their two offspring (Dendrobates tinctorius)
3 Olemarie Dyeing Poison Dart Frogs (also D. tinctorius)
4 KoeKoe Poison Dart Frogs, the third most toxic vertebrate (Phyllobates aurotaenia)
Feeder bugs out the wazoo
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Right now its only 2 cats and a dog.

In the past, I've owned: birds (parakeets), fish (tropical and goldfish), hamsters, turtles (box), quail, rabbits (dutch belted), other cats and dogs, snake, lizards, and a horse.
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I just have a dog (JRT) but I used to keep rats and hamsters.

Looking forward to hearing more about your zoo!
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I have had and have...

Mitzi the tortie cat
Tab the tabby cat (RIP)
Pip the zebra finch
Bunny the rabbit (was supposed to be a dwarf lop but DEFINATELY isn't!)
Zippy the zebra finch
Joey the green budgie
Squeak the zebra finch
Rosie and Jim the goldfish
Barney the dwarf lop rabbit

and these aren't my actual pets, but I do see them/ look after them every week:

Monty the 15.2hh chestnut gelding
Sid the 16.1hh strawberry roan gelding
Lorna the 14.2hh bay mare (RIP)

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Hey I've always wanted a skunk for a pet!!!!!! Our local pet store had three of them for pets a few years ago!!!!!

In the house,
A bunch of fish

A horse, but on my granny's farm till I find a place to put her
And we have two horses that will be having babies this spring!!!!
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I have four hedgehogs. :]

Vincent = albino
Edmund = Algerian chocolate
Claudia = chocolate
Dante = grey
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after reading all your posts, I feel like such a slacker.

I have Tigger and Cricket and

Bob the beta

that's it.

oh and a husband.
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I have a tree frog, turtle and a few birds besides my kitty.
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Aside from cats....I have dogs and kids!!
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1 dog - an almost 10 year old GSD.

I had a lab, hamsters, and parakeets in the past. Rescued/fostered a pit/dal mix, pug, husky(?) mix, 2 rottweilers, and a cane corso.
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Beside the cats;

Lacey - female, black & white parti, greyhound
Soo Tee - male, black, chow/Australian shepherd mix
Olivia - female, black & tan, GSD/Lab/who knows whatis

In the past I've had many other cats and dogs (I always have multiples) also, birds (finches, conures, lovebird, mynah and budgies), ferrets, hamsters, gerbils, African spiny mouse, fish, snakes and turtles.

I just gave away a 20 gallon aquarium so I wouldn't be tempted to get something to put in it.
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In addition to our 5 domestic cats, we have 3 bobcats and 1 cougar
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I own 3 dogs They are my heart and soul.
I also own reptiles. So lots of feeder bugs in the home.
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Besides my 2 kitties I have...

5 ferrets:

Oso Cute

4 sugar gliders:


Soon I will be adding 2 more sugar gldiers and they will be paired together as my very first breeding pair! I already have the girl picked out. Here name is Silvara. The boy's name will be Gilthanas. I'm breeding for 2 rare colors: mosaic and leucistic.
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Aside from my 4 kitties, I have 2 sugars: Trixie and Mimzy. And a hermit crab.
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Hello fellow suggie victim! Nice to meet you!

What do you say that we open a thread and show off our babies? lol! I LOVE showing off my suggies!
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I will follow you, oh master of the suggies. I am only a victim of 2.
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ROFL! I WISH! I'm still a newbie, IMO.

alright, I'm off to open a thread...
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Alright, I went a WEE overboard on the pics, but here's the thread, lol: http://thecatsite.com/forums/showthr...20#post2110420
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