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Help Required

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Greetings, I have a 6 month old rescue who actually picked me. That aside, this creature has a spinal crush injury and has undergone 3 major operation$. Now he is without gender, his penis and other equipment were removed due to serious infection. He is incontinent because of the spinal injury. Keep him clean at all times and it is a chore.
Now he needs some kind of diaper or diaper system that will allow him comfort, freedom from feces mixing with the urine tract, and urine scalding. No small feat.
I have tried several diaper arrangements to date but he manages to escape all so far....
Appreciate any help or suggestions.
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The only thing I have reall seen is for dogs. Its for female dogs are in season and 'making a bloody mess'. It has a tail hole too. I don't know when you can get them, and I don't know if it will hold much urine, but it may be worth a try if they are inexpensive. You are suposed to put human sanitary towels in them.

Just found this site, hope it helps.


I hope you poor baby doesn't have too much pain anymore.
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That's what I was thinking - the ones you use for female dogs in heat - I'd try on of the smallest ones you can find.

Poor kitty!
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The dog pants don't work very well because the tail hole isn't in quite the right place and is too big.

Here's where you can have some custom-made: http://www.castlepaws.net/bibs.html
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