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I Found Our Aussie Friends!!!

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So, I guess Leslie is the one leading the way?

What a cute pic!
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So, thats where they went. Hrmm....

Its so cute!
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LOL...I'm the straggler at the back of the line...
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Nuh you got it wrong.......I'm second, Naomi is third and Louise is fourth and that is BuNN in front in a costume and we are all trying to wrestle him to the ground so we can tie him up and get him to headquarters!!!!!!!! Gee!! It's sooooo hot! *brain melting* now what were we talking about??? *ahem*
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Sounds as if Bundy is enjoying that wrestling and binding of Bunn, a little too much!
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Not even going to comment on your twisted minds!


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Now Girls!!!!!!!!!! BuNN is a happily married man and those thoughts are just not permissible!........ How ever I did think the girls at the back were getting a tad to close!!! Mwahahahahah!!! *Cough*
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Hmm...I thought they were doing the conga! Or are they Waltzing Matilda?
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They are joined at the hip by Vegemite.....
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Vegemite? I thought that was just an urban legend...
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Hey, I've never been so photogenic!

I heard on the news yesterday that because of the drought, many koalas are leaving their trees to look for water (apparently the gum leaves are lacking moisture). So, should any of you come across a dehydrated koala the wildlife services advise that they should be given a bucket of water, and a vegemite sandwich.

(ok, I made that bit up about the sandwich!)

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Watch it, with the Vegemite sandwiches. There are LAWS, against animal cruelty!
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I see I have helped to enlighten at least one member! You tell them, Cindy! Do you know that your basement won't leak if you coat if with Vegemite? We could make a fortune in the contracting business with new roofs and leaking basements...
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It's funny, today at work Vegemite came up. One person had the nerve to compare it to Nutella! Anyways, my friend Kevin had the best comment on Vegemite-"You know what Vegemite is? It isn't even yeast. It's used yeast feces!" I was laughing so hard and no one knew why!
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