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Cat licking her own lips/mouth

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Here are the facts:
My cat was diagnosed with asthma 6 months ago.
She was given a steriod shot ( i think depo-something) and prescribed Theodur.
The Theodur seemed to be making her very weak and near death so we stopped. Now she's just on the shot and doing fine but she is doing this weird thing of licking her "chops" very often which she never did before. Similar to when she's done eating but even if she's just sitting around.
Does anyone know what this means and if it should be of concern?

I've checked inside her mouth and its fine.

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Not sure -- hope one or more of the experts here at TCS will be able to answer your question. Glad that she's doing better, though.
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YOU should get her to the vet ... likely she is having trouble breathing or has allergy issues
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My also does this all the time ever since I've had her. And she also had a asthma shot around two years ago because she was panting a lot.
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Theodur is a very old medication (aminophylline) and not widely used as there are many asthma medications (in pill form) with less side effects.

Steroids can cause an elevation in blood sugar, thirst and urine output. In humans, licking the lips is an attempt to moisten them (an early sign of slight dehydration).

Try getting more water in your cat.
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I've took her to the vet and have shown concern over the licking. They check her mouth and say it's fine. One vet said perhaps she has excessive moisture and licking that away - though i've never notice drool. Perhaps it is dry mouth or thirst as said in above comment. She has a water fountain and drinks often. Hmmm.... I just hope it's not a symptom of something else.
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Sometimes excessive licking is due to nausea...the medication may be making her feel sick.
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So, I took her to the vet and had her blood/urine tested. Everything looks ok and i was sent home. Still do not have a reason for the licking of the lips. Other than that my cat seems fine. She is eating and drinking normally. Hmm... hopefully it's nothing. I've read it could be a sign of nausea - are there other symptoms of nausea?
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