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RIP Metalica

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I went back through some of my first posts today and realized I never made a rainbow bridge thread for my nearly 17 year old Metalica. I didn't name her, Santa did I got her when I was about 4 years old and she passed away in Apirl I wrote a couple threads about her and the next day after I made a thread about her she passed away. She was a sweet girl, always slept with me, didn't leave my side if I was sick, and knew when I was sad and would let me cry and cry all over her. She was a real sweat heart and I'm still upset that I wasn't there when she passed.

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Awwwww what a little treasure she sounds to be

Metalica will be having a wonderful time at the bridge

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Metalica was a very beautiful cat and I am glad you both had so many wonderful years together. Keep her memory alive and be happy for the time you had!
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Your story reminds me of my daughter's. She got a little black cat when she was seven and Nancy lived with us for 15 years. She also stayed with my daughter when she was sick, and let my daughter cry into her fur.

Crystal has never forgotten her friend, Nancy.

I'm so sorry for the loss of your wonderful Metallica. She was a true friend and truly missed.
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a for Metalica and a prayer for her soul!
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What a great name for a cat! She was beautiful and I am so sorry for your loss. Play happily at the bridge, Metalica
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Sweet Metalica, I hope you are enjoying the Rainbow Bridge, along with our new found friends RIP sweet one
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I'm sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Metalica.
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Sorry for the loss of your Metallica
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Thanks everyone for the comments. I really miss her, I'm just glad to share her story. She was such a sweet cat. She went through two little girls, me when I was 4-19 and my sister 0-11. She did great with us and would never bite or scratch if we pet her too hard. She even attacked one of our uncles for tickly us!!! It was so funny because she knew we didn't really like our uncle, but he never did
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As well as being cute Metalica sounds smart! What a good friend she was. RIP Metalica and have fun playing over the bridge
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Sounds like you had a really good kitty!

RIP Mettalica
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