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Feral Cat 4mths old

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I took in a feral kitten yesterday who was very subdued and let us stroke him, but today he has turned into a wild cat! I think he was a bit dozy yesterday due to being neutered but it lulled me into a false sense of security! All he does is hiss and try to scratch us. I have two older cats who can't come in because hes here(its cold tonight) Would I be better letting them all meet or not? I'm also a bit worried about the kids, I've told them to leave him alone but they're gutted that they can't stroke him.

How long will it take for him to trust us? I know its early days but its disrupting everything, I only took him in because we heard someone was going to have him put down.

Thanks for any help.
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As with any cat, or kitten, they need to a safe place (like a bathroom) that can be theirs alone until they get used to their new people and new home. In my experience it can take anywhere from a few days to weeks before they're comfortable enough to want to emerge from 'their' room.
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Is he completely alone? Did you trap him? If he has a mom outside to take care of him, you can let him go back to her if you don't want to socialize him.

No matter how upset the kids are, they need to respect his wish not to be touched. Make sure they are very careful around him. I've had cat bites and ended up in emergency rooms. They can be very serious, especially if your kids haven't had tetanus shots.

If you do want to socialize him, a private little room that the kids don't use is the best idea. A kennel that is fairly large might be okay for keeping him away from the kids at least during the busiest time of the days in the household. A bathroom that the kids don't use is good.

Can the other cats get into any part of the house? A garage or mud room or laundry room? Its probably better if they don't have any reasons to resent the newcomer.

Good luck with the little guy -- have you given him a name?
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Thanks for your answers. We have named him Marlon after Marlon Brando as he is also a wild one!

Tonight we let one of the other cats in and saw a complete transformation in Marlon. Jarvis was being very affectionate and having lots of cuddles and it was almost as if Marlon watched and thought' Oh thats what you do is it?!' He has been playing with toys and having lots of strokes, hes so cute when he stops hissing!

He went a little bit quieter when Jarvis went out but we're on the right track atleast.

I'm sure our newest member of the family is going to settle in just fine!
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