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Whens The Right Time?

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Hello everyone.

As most of you know my dear little Samba died at only 1 and a half years old on Wensday Morning at 3am....

My youngest cat(Only 5-6 months old) can't adjust he keeps looking for his playmate(They were VERY close) my oldest cat is a cat on his own he doesn't really play with the younger cat so he's not amuseing him.

I'm thinkin of getting a little kitten(rescue) but I dunno whens the right time to get one.

I don't wanna replace my dear little Samba! Nothing could replace him I'm thinkin of my youngest cat.

I was thinkin maybe before xmas casue then atleast if my dear Samba misses his xmas maybe I could give another cat a happy xmas....

My partner thinks it's a good idea just worried that it's too soon....

Any advice would be great!
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If I were you I would let grief run it's course and when you get a new kitten, make sure it's one that gets on with the others, otherwise you might have a fight break out and/or one kitten being more dominant and possibly bullying the other one.
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You'll know when the time is right!
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I wanna get a friend for Gizmo(Youngest)
I didn't mean go out tommrow and get a kitty was more thinkin in afew weeks time.
Gizmo and Simba don't have any kinda "Im the main kitty" thing there very laid back and just get on.
Samba used to be cuddley and want alot of attension.

Simba was 1 when we got Gizmo so he is used to havin a baby around.

Really dunno what to do for the best.
My partner wants to sign us up for the Cats 4 Christmas thing for kittens needin a new home.
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I would go for adopting another one when you feel ready, rather than doing it for Gizmo, so you dont end up resenting him. What it might be worth doing, is speaking to a few rescues in your area (pm me if you want a list) and seeing if they will let you foster one for a few weeks to make sure Gizmo will get on with them, and it is right for both of you. Good luck
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Gizmo is easy he will get on with any kitty, Me on the other hand if I had a kitten afew weeks I'd be too attached to let him go back.
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:-) Would you be looking for a kitten then?
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Yea probs be a kitten
8-10 weeks what I'm looking for, My mum was a vet(Now head of council) and she aswell as many vets agree that at this age they are better to train at this age.
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My 1year old cat Ziggy died two weeks ago. She left behind 10week old Links, who was very lonely. Today, I picked up a kitten of similar age. Lexi. She is so cute and they already get on great. She is perfect for him. I'm so glad I got her. You will know when it is the right time, like I did. I was thinking more about Links than myself. I don't feel like I am replaceing Ziggy, Lexi is a totally different cat, by way of appearance and temperment.
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You might struggle, the current thinking is 10-12 weeks, it is supposed to be better for the kitten, although we still let them go at 8 weeks and have had no complaints.
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Samba was 5 weeks old when I got him..... Poor fella has to be fed every 3 hours he was a rescue also.

He trained SO Easy was a joy to teach him!

As for getting a kitten I guess I'll just see how it goes, With my other 3 kittys I just knew they were the right kitty when I saw them.

Samba was such a baby and loving cat!
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You will know it is the right time, when your tells you
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How ya get them symbols under ur name >.< I want a R.I.P one for Samba.

Also I'm gonna look into getting a kitten in afew weeks when I have had time to grief Samba more.
Really miss him.
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I don't think there is a right or wrong time. Everyone is different.
It would be a good way of honoring him by getting a rescue kitten too.

Sorry for your loss.
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He was a great kitty, Kinda insane at times but a Great kitty
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I am so sorry for your loss. There is really nothing I could say to help heal you, but I would like to pass along what has worked for me.
Every time I lose a cat, I wait for one in need to come along. It has been as soon as the next day, Pepper was hit in the road the day after we had to send my beloved Fred to The Bridge, or several months. Scooter was about to be flushed down the toilet by a janitor where I worked shortly after we lost my dear Georgia. You will know. Of course you can never replace your baby, but you can give another one in desperate need a loving home. Many "Christmas presents" end up dumped off or in shelters, maybe one will come to you then.
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