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Lexi is Home!!!!! Yay

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So, I went to go and pick up Lexi today. She is a little cutie. She is not a tortie. She is a patched tabby. She is grey, orange and white. And she is soooooooo cute!!! She has a chubby little face, with thick black lines coming out from her eyes. Her nose is dark brown, and she has a cute outline around the nose shape. She is so pretty. Now that I have her, she doesn't remind me of Ziggy anymore. Her face has a very different shape to it.

I think shes about 10 weeks, not 8 weeks. They are getting on great already. She doesn't seem very interested in play at the moment, but she is very confident. Links is just trying to play. At first he was all puffed up, but we left them to it for a while but now he sees a true playmate.

One problem though. She has diarrhoea. I'll be taking her to the vets a.s.a.p, to have a check and her jabs. I'm going to get her bloods done too, as she was running around outside as the couple lived on a farm.

So excited though. She is so adorable.
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Yay! Thats great that Lexi is home with you!
We hope Lexis vet appointment goes well!
Look forward to hearing more about your precious little fuzzy!
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It's great that Lexy is home. It's cheered me up after this
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I'm so glad to hear that she is home! Now we need pictures!!
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O...M...G... She has unleashed the devil in Links!!! He is running around like a looney chasing her. And then Lexi will then chase him. Links is being so vocal with playful noises. It's so sweet. I'm glad I've got her as she is the perfect playmate for Links.

Links wasdigging around in the litter tray burring his poop, and stood in Lexi's runny poo

I'll get pictures when I can, but its a bit dark at the mo, and my digital cameras not working (my new one )
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Sounds like they are becoming fast friends, and having a great time! Can't wait to see pictures.
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Heres a picture of Lexi for you.

I'll post more in the Fur Pictures.

At the moment, Links and Lexi are asleep together under my bedside cabinet. They are so cute together.

Her fur is quite greasy at the moment, I think I'm going to bath her.

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Congratulations on your new baby!
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Awwww, welcome home Lexi She is a peach!
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She is precious and I'm so happy that Links has a playmate.
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Aww, she looks so sweet!
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Oh what a sweetie! I hope she gets over that icky-pooin real quick!
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