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Introducing Peek!!!!!

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A coworker had a brilliant idea to switch SD cards since she has her cable here at work. So you guys get to see Peek! He really needs a bath but I dont want to stress him out. I got him a collar too.

His eyes always stay half closed. I dont know if there just small or if he something wrong with them.

And yes he has pretty pink bowls!

Hes got a huge head!

This one I jut thought was cool. I was trying to get a pic with his eyes open without flash but he wouldnt sit still. But it turned out awesome.
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peek is a cutie.
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Aww Peek is so very handsome! : What a little sweetheart!
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Aww, he looks like a sweetie.
It was so good of you to take him in!
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He is a cutie!
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Oh, look at that poor, skinny boy! I'm sure after a while with you he'll fill out, though, and then his head will go 'back to size' too
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Awww bless him, what a little sweetheart.
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Oh my goodness he is so cute!!!!! I love him
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Thanks guys he was a very sweet boy I just wish I could have done more for him.
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There are some things we just can't fix. You did a great job of showing him love.
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