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My "Free Cat" Butzie is better

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Butzie, our 2-year old shelter cat, is finally okay. First, she had a very runny nose. $200 at vet for a chest x-ray because Butzie was wheezing. The results were negative. About a week later, Butzie got lethargic. Took her to the vet again and she gave me the choice of a Vitamin B shot or that with a blood test series, which would cost about $150. She said that Butzie may just be run down from the viral infection and the vitamin B shot should help. I opted for the tests and the shot because the tests would give us a baseline.
Over last weekend, Butzie stopped purring, her meows were infrequent and she "Ek"ed instead. So, Mon. my husband - mind you, not me - took Butzie to the vet. Vet said that we could treat her with a general antibiotic or give her a general anaesthic for $250 and look down her throat. He opted for the latter!
Anyway, she did not have anything but the vet swabbed her throat with an antibiotic. Butzie is now meowing and purring again. She still wheezes and has a runny nose, but that is apparently normal for her as for some other cats.
So, I am happy that she is better. Also wanted to point out that our vet, who is wonderful, gave us inexpensive options and we chose the expensive ones. Only the best for our Butzie!
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Happy to hear that Butzie is doing better!
So glad to hear shes her happy self again
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I am glad to hear Butzie is feeling better, I know what you mean about a free cat, I found a newborn kitten (Lucky) on my front lawn, my free kitty has cost me a lot in vet bills
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