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Cat anxiety and aggression medications/natural products

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My cat Kit has been dealing with some "issues." She's a sweet cat but has become extremely agitated recently. She has become intolerant of our other pets with whom she normally got along with for the most part but she has always been a bit testy with them from time to time. She even attacked me and bit me badly about a week ago when one of our cats got his paw stuck and panicked. I was freeing him when she came up behind me and leaped on me biting me twice and digging her claws in.

Needless to say I took her to the vet right away after that incident. She's perfectly healthy. The vet prescribed Clomicalm which is a psychotropic drug or as the vet put it, "kitty Prozac." I had serious misgivings about administering the medication as I have also taken prescription psychotropic drugs, believe they're over-prescribed and have sworn that not only would I not take them, neither would my pets. However, we did try it because I was concerned for the safety of my other animals. It made her comatose and after several days I just couldn't do that to her anymore. I've taken her off the medication.

My question is is there a supplement that I could try with her that would be calming to her. We've practically bombed the house with Feliway but with no success. I've looked at the Rescue Remedy but know little about it and am hesitant to put her on anything that may cause her more suffering.

I know lots of you have great advice about separating her away from the other pets and things of that nature. For the time being all the cats are separate from the dog and my husband and I have plans to remodel our back porch just for her but it's going to take time. What I really need are ideas for how to help calm her for the few months it's going to take to make the renovations.

Thanks in advance for ideas and advice.
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I think I would get a second opinion, sweet. For a cat to just have such a dramatic behavior change really suggests something more physical going on and maybe they missed it.

I did have a cat once that was acting rather neurotic she was pulling her hair out at her tail and I did put her on some tranquilzers but it was short term and it "snapped" her out of it...it was due to getting a new kitten. But she wasn't comatose so that would be frightening!

But maybe a second opinion because if that does rule out anything physical...there are medications out there that won't be soooo harsh on her system and make her that lethargic...

Good Luck!
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I've already considered a second opinion. The vet was frank that she has limited experience with such matters in cats. But I should clairfy and say that I also had this cat's mother and such behavior would not have been surprising in her. Kit is 6 now and acts more like her mother all the time. Also, we added a new cat about 2 months ago and have had some other house-hold changes. I think she's just gotten overwhelmed.
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I like Buspar. Ophelia is on it & it does work fairly well for her. Buspar is an anti-anxiety medicine, & non-addictive. You can stop it at any time, there is no weaning off process.

However, before that I would get a second opinion.
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