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Question of the Day - November 8th

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what does your desk at work (or at home) look like? is it very organized or messy? full of personal affects or bare?

mine is disaster
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Desk? I have a bench, I guess. But it's always loaded down with work stuff.
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My desk doesn't have alot on it so its not messy with stuff. But it could be dusted more often..
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My mess is in tidy piles, so most people don't think it's messy. I have pics of all my kitties and of my sweetie, a few small personal things, like a heart shaped paperweight Rob found for me.
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Hmmm..... I don't have a desk now but at my last job 3 people shared the computer desk durning the day. It was always a mess and we tried reminding eachother to pick up our stuff. There was almost always a bowl or a plate left on top the computer. If I had my own desk I'm sure it would be a mess and there would be pictures ALL over it!
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My desk is horribly messy! Always has been, but I dont use it very often I prefer to be flopped on a couch when my laptop and a kitty!
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Its actually clean for once! There is nothing out of place. Im amazed.
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Some of it is organised like books and notebooks and stuff and some is just a big mess.
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Usually mine is pretty clean, but today its cluttered to the MAX!
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Its pretty organized (or at least the cases are stacked neatly) I have several personal items (Beanie Babies, pictures of the gang and one professional pic of me and DH) on the desk or top of file cabinet.

There are a few in the office that have super clean desks with nothing on them and a few others that is a total disaster area!
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Mine is a total mess, it is a catch all place, the kids put everything on it
post #12 of 27's a recent picture:

I'm not sure if it's better or worse now....
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Very, very messy! I've tried to clean it before but it never lasts more than a few days.
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Mine is usually very organized and tidy..unless I am lammed with work, the it gets pretty chaotic..but I don't let it stay that way for very long at all No personal effects really..I need all the space for references in order to do my job
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I don't have personal items on my work desk really, just one photo, but it is a mess with piles of papers
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Your asking Hazel here if her desk is tidy?!. And yes i do do some work, i had already done it
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Mine is fairly tidy. I'm a very organised person. It's mostly paperwork, but since Ziggy passed, I've had a photo of her on my desk in a frame.
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My desk at work stays pretty neat. If it starts getting cluttered, I know I am too far behind and I need to get my butt in gear. My desk at home is always a disaster. Right now I have piles of mail, papers from school, financial papers, my kids' school papers, books, CDs, various computer cables, and junk my kids set on my desk all laying here. It doesn't seem to deter the kitties from making themselves comfortable, though!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Mine is usually very organized and tidy..unless
Same here!....i´m maniac of organization!
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I used to have a desk but now it's buried in garbage and on occasion between 1 and 3 cats.
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I don't even have a desk.
But if I did it would be messy. =P
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Mine still clean...I'm only on my second week here

Just ask again in 3-4 months
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Mine is neat and full of personable items.
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Work is sort of neat, I clean it everyday and share it with 4 other people.

My personal desk, that is another matter. It's not messy persay, just a little chaotic.
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My work desk was always pretty neat. If I had a lot on it I would at least organize it into piles. I also had plants, pictures and other personal items. Here at home, it's not quite as neat.
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No desk at work, but my locker resembles an archeological dig. My bill desk at home looks like one too! My locker has pictures of the girls on it, and a picture of my sister. My computer desk (at home) is actually pretty organized at the moment. It also has pictures of the girls.
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At home, disaster and it includes a sewing machine on it!

At work it's real clean and organized.
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