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Explosion In NC Factory!!!!

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There was a terible explosion in a pharaceutical plant in Kinston, NC, about 30 minutes away from where I live. We can see the smoke. There were 115 people in the building when it went up, and at last newsbreak, only about 50 accounted for, some were injured and 3 of them were confirmed fatalities. The rest are trapped inside, no one knows where, or if anyone could possibly be still living. This is a very small town, and the people there are devastated. Please remember them in your prayers.
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Oh my gosh!!!! Thats horrible! I hope that everyone who is trapped is able to get out ok and that there aren't many fatalities.
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That's terrible!!! Please update us if you hear anymore news!
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Oh my, that is horrible. They will be in my prayers...
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I've been seeing this, on newsbreaks, all afternoon. I was wondering, if any of you were near there.
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What a tragedy. My positive thoughts are coming out to them now.
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OH My Gosh...That is horrible! Prayers are being sent ASAP...I hope everyone made it out ok. Did you know anyone who worked there? Family? Friends? I hope not...but if so, I hope that they are ok.
Jeez...how sad!
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Keeping everyone involved in my thoughts tonight. I hope they can find all those missing alive and unharmed.
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As far as I know, I don't know anyone that works there. There are still some people not accounted for, but not as many as first reports indicated. They had said there were 8 dead, but as of just a minute ago, it was down to 2. Many are badly burned, and are being transported to Duke University Medical Center.
They thought at first a small plane had crashed, it was such a huge explosion, but that was not the case. It may possibly be some new equipment that had not been properly installed. This company had recently been hit with several large fines due to OSHA violations, so it is probably completely the company's fault. Thankfully it has startd raining, and the high winds have died down, so rescue efforts and putting out the fires are becoming easier. They have found several survivors in the rubble where they thought it would be impossible. Thank God for that.
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Any new news?
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This morning, MSNBC said there are 3 dead and 37 injured. From the aerial photos, of the site, its a wonder there weren't more. I heard that this plant had been cited, previously, of OSHA and other violations. Speculation is that the rubber and synthetics, used in making syringes and IV setups are to blame.
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I just heard on the news that it does not look good for several more victims severely burned, and most of the 37 are on ventilators. I do not understand why they did not take them to Duke University. They have a top notch burn unit there, and it is about the same distance as the hospital they took the injured to.
It is raining and miserable here, and the Red Cross is still on the scene with family members. They were still not clear on whether or nor everyone was accounted for.
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My prayers are with all of them. This is horrible
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I am praying for the injured, and for the families of the ones who were killed!!! This is so very very sad!!!!!!!!
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