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Re-homing Ex Stud Cat

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Hi - I wasn't sure which board to post this on, but figured breeders would probably have most experience of this...

We have the opportunity to give a home to an ex breeding male oriental. He lived in the breeders house for 9 months, then went out to the cattery area. He was neutered a month ago and they are now looking for a good home for him. He has a great temperament apparently and get on well with other cats. He is 3 yrs old and we hope to visit him this weekend.

I have 3 cats, all neutered. 1 male moggie (7yrs), 1 female Siames (3yrs) and another female bengal/burmese cross (2 yrs). I have no issues with spraying in the house at the moment.

My question is what is the general feeling about this - can I realistically expect the neutering to have a real impact on any spraying from the ex stud, or as i have a male cat already is spraying to be expected, or does it really vary from cat to cat?

Thanks in advance for all advice.
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I am not a breeder, but from the breeders I've spoken with, usually when an adult male is neutered he does stop spraying. In all cases, the urine odor is drastically reduced, so even if such a cat were to have an accident, or really enjoy spraying, he wouldn't be marking his territory as such (as it would smell different) and generally it's not an issue. It can take up to 3 months for the odor/spraying behavior to abate.

Remember that not all adult males spray, and even those that do may only do it sparingly. Of course, since every cat is a little different, the best way to find out is to ask the breeder if he sprayed before and if he's stopped since being altered.
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Probably varies from cat to cat, but for the most part in a few months the male will lose interest and be like any other neutered male. If he was a more dominate personality cat, he probably will try to be "top cat" simply cause that's his personality - not the fact he was a tom cat and now neutered.

I think you would have little problems with bringing him in. Just do the normal slow introductions like any other cat. But if he doesn't work out, have it in writing that the breeder will agree to take him back. It may take several months for adjustment.
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Thanks for the replies - We went to see him yesterday, He's a really sweetie and didn't stop purring !! Apparently he isn't a dominant type cat at all, so we decided to give him a home and see how it goes. The breeders said they would be happy to take him back if things don't work out with my current gang, but I really hope they settle down with each other as it would be nice for him to be back in a home environment. He's a very small boy, even smaller than my siamese girl who I thought was small !
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Sounds promising Post pics when you can
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