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Daily Thread Thurs Nov 8

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Good morning!

Trout is being SO CUTE lately..I don't know what is going on, but she hasn't woken me up at night in FOUR NIGHTS! I have no idea why she is being good, but I am so happy about it.

Also, she is so cuddly! She is on me right now purring away I am falling in love with her all over again! (for the hundredth time)

I am off to dinner with the ex tonight...I am buying his winter tires from him, and he wants to show me his new car..so we are going for wings..nothin serious

I hope you all have a good day!
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ah, nothing like meeting an ex to remind you of how good it is to be single.

Good morning people!

once again, nothing special. Last night I talked on the phone with an old friend (who I hadn't heard from in over 2 years). That was nice. I had sent him an email a few days ago thanking him for being there for me when I needed him, many years ago. Last night on the phone he told me he didn't really remember what he did for me, but said he was glad it helped.

I have to go prepare my lunch and dinner. I really don't want to go to work. It's SOOOOOO boring. The only thing worst than repetitive work is running out of repetitive work and having to do nothing, waiting for the repetitive work to pick up again.

I want to be back to school, NOW. Why do I have to wait till September?
Oh yeah... I remember. Need money.
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Good morning. I am not used to this November thing , but the extra snuggly kitties are a nice seasonal development

I have a long weekend coming... Just have to get through today (oh, and tomorrow)
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Busy day, then I can relax. Brrr, it's been cold lately. It's hard to adjust to the sudden arrival of winter after being spoiled with unseasonable warmth for so long.
Have a good day, cat people!
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Hello All!

Today is my last day of work for the week
Can't wait to go home to see the kitties & play my new Sims 2 Castaway game!

Our Sadee girly has really been coming out of her shell. Shes becoming very affectionate! :
She stands up on her back paws when you pet her, its the cutest thing!

Have a good day & an exciting weekend everyone!
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Well the sun is trying to peek out today.

I got a headache yesterday afternoon and its still hanging on so I'll see if I feel up to doing more seasonal task outside or not.

Lost phone service at home yesterday for several hours ok now though.

Picked up working on the family photo albums this morning. Wondered why I had a several year gap in pics-well I found them..... Good thing I am using the same type of albums so it shouldn't be a problem continuing them.

Also working on a craft project from a class I took this summer-will post pics when done.

Not much else going on.

Leftover Thursday for me-with meatload/smashed potatoes and some sort of veggie (carrots???)

Ox spent the night in the house and I didn't find any "accidents"!!!
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Well I'm going to try and get some cleaning done around this house..... I'm having trouble with motivation!

I hope you have fun with your ex!

My last ex's has been trying to get me to go out for lunch the last two years I've been dating Blake......Yeah, Blake's not gun ho for me to go out to lunch with him so I suppose I won't!

I have to work tonight and this weekened
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