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Ideas For Homemade Kitty Toys??

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As we all know it's not easy finding toys to keep our owners happy. The toy they loved yesterday is history today. :indiffere Rotating the toys helps to a point. I seem to be forever trying to find "THE" toy that they will love to death. Does it exist, I don't think so.
So if anyone would like to tell about any home made toys that you have made that have had some sucess pass it on!!

My kitties love---it's a childs plastic fishing pole. I tie different things to the end of the string, feathers, mouse etc. Cast the toy out & reel it in!
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Hand-stiched catnip (stuffed with fiberfill lots of catnip)pillows and tubes..Are my cats favorite toys...I make 3-4 every Christmas---then a couple every other month or so..
DebbieA and the Kids...Tai-Tai, Zoe, and Baby
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Believe it or not, I have catnip growing wild in my driveway. Of course I never knew this until my 2 cats pointed it out to me one day (but that's a whole other story). One of the best toys I make for my boys is taking an old sock and cutting it off around the ankle. I stuff it with catnip and tie a couple knots in it and let the fun begin.

Another really popular toy here is wadded up balls of tin-foil (don't ask me why!)

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i took some film cannisters and put some rice in them and glued the lid on so it couldn't come off. they love to bat that around.
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This is not homemade, but a good tip. Most cats I know like the sparkley balls you buy at the pet store. I know mine do. I hate to pay 3.00 for 3 balls! I found some that are a tad smaller but do the same thing at wal mart. They are in the notions Dept with the crafts. You get about 10 balls for 1.29. I also make the cat nip sacs and those are WONDERFUL!!
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So many people post about toys with catnip. I don't give it to my cats. I am leery of it. Am I being an idiot? What do the rest of you think of catnip?

Also, in response to the post, my cats love ping pong balls. They are so lightweight and bounce all over the place when the cats bat them. Mine love them and they are inexpensive.
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i'm leery of it too, see this thread i posted on it in Health&Nutrition:

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Thanks Blue!

I've always thought of it as sort of a "kitty drug". That's why it makes me nervous, I guess.
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Napoleon likes me to wad up cash register receipts into little balls. Clerks look at me strangely when I ask for the receipt of the person in front of me who didn't want their's. I've tried just using sheets of notebook paper or computer paper, but somehow he can tell the difference.
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. . . .so here it is. My cats' favorite "home made" toy is — a piece of string! What can I say?

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Regarding homemade kitty toys and my new house: the previous owner was a cat owner too. I would have to say that her kitty liked to chase balled up foil candy wrappers, particularly Hershey's Kisses and York Peppermint Patties. How am I able to be so perceptive, you might ask? Well......I found tons of these wrappers everywhere! (under all furniture, refrigerator, you name it)
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Our cats like a ball of tin foil (make sure it's too big to be swallowed!)... They'll bat that thing around for hours!

Also, there is this stuff they sell at hardware stores that covers cables or wires - it's plastic and you cut it to whatever length you want. It looks like a big worm or one of those flexy-straws. Our cats LOVE that - I think they think it's a snake!
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go to one of those prize machines by the gumball machines. The plastic cones that some prizes come in, my cats love them. Just this year, I put one of their jingle balls inside and glued the lid on. It makes it bigger so the ball doesn't get easily stuck under furniture and stuff. They also love q-tips, stacks of newspapers, old boxes. I was spring cleaning and took an old cereal box down, emptied the contents for the horses and threw the box on the floor. Minutes later, Shredder was deep inside the box looking for cereal killers???????
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:laughing2 Another toy my kitties like are the rings from a gallon of milk. There light, easy to move but so hard to get out from under the stove & furniture. What we do for the babies we love!
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My cats (especially the girl) love those plastic milk-jug rings, too!! Jo goes crazy for them and yes, they invariably "disappear" in the "black hole" somewhere underneath the stove, fridge or couches!
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My kitty Nomar has two favorite home made toys. I took a sock and put a little toy inside and tied a piece of thick ribbon to the end. He goes nuts with it!! If I swing it in front of him, I am amazed how high he jumps for it..When he plays with it by himself he flings it in the air and hops with it..The second toy he likes is..I took 3 toy balls and attached it to a piece of dental floss and he carries them in his mouth. Then he will swat them around the floor...(so much easier to find when they are attached..) harder to retrieve when its just one ball under the stove or under the cabinets...Out of all of his toys in his toy box, those are the ones he favors most..
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