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Digging for his water

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My cat does the strangest thing. Every time he goes to drink, he has to "dig" in front of the bowl for a few seconds. It's pretty silly, but I've always wondered if it's some sort of instinct certain cats have, and maybe their wild relatives lived in the desert or some such place where they would have to dig to get to water underground.

Does anyone else have a cat who does this?
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No, but Junior will wave his paw above the water a few times before drinking. I think he's just trying to gage where the surface is.

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Jack does the same "digging" in front of his food dish. It's kind of bizarre.
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It's the adorable, silly things like this that cats do that make me love them so much.
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If the water bowl happens to be empty, weeble will dig like a mad woman inside the empty bowl to get our attention. Its like shes saying "look mom, there's no water in this bowl. See? I can stick my feet in it!"
Skylar will only drink water off of her paw. She dips her foot in the water and then drinks what she gets on her paw.
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My Sally will also only drink water from her paws, and preferably with water running in the bathtub. So she will sit next to the running water and stick her paws in to drink

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one of my cats does something like this. If she finds a foreign water source, she will stick her paw and lick it at first, then starts to lap at it
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I have 2 who will do that if the bowl is empty, as if they think they can find some if they keep digging, but not with the water in it.

I have a weird problem with one of mine and my 'bistro' cat feeder too. I got it so I could keep it full and it would never run out of dry food, but I can't fill it up because if there is any more than the opening bowl filled, the cat will dig and dig until it all comes out on the floor! Anyone else have this problem?
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