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Here is the link to our flicker page with the Kitties!

The black cat is Trinity (4 y/o)
The first few Tabby pics are Pooka-Mari (1 1/2 y/o)
The last few tabby pics are Seraph -who we don't have anymore She decided she would be happier living in the wild.

I hope you enjoy!
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They're all so cute. The one that's hiding in the blanket or whatever is adorable!
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lovely pics!... thank you for share!
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Beautiful kitties!!
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Hello Michelle, my name is John, welcome to you and your beautiful furbabies
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Great pictures! I laughed at the photos of Trinity with the big wide eyes, and the bows. I also liked the one of Seraph asleep on the TurboScratcher - that is a very popular toy in our house, too. And the one of your friend's black-and-white kitty in the teeny box -

Welcome, and thanks for sharing!
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They are gorgeous!
I love this one.
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Thank you all for looking and commenting on my babies!! I am such a "proud parent" I worry for others once I have non-fur babies Oh well! Again, thanks for looking!!
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How cute!!!! I like kitty in the box! What a face!!!!!
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Adorable! I loved the one watching the crab! LOL
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I'm so glad that you are all enjoying my babies!!
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Great pics...the one with the kerchief on their head is hilarious
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