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cystitis or wrong diagnosis?? Please Help

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I have two kitties. I took a stray in 3 years ago and kept one of her kittens. They have been together ever since. The kitten (named nermal) is now three years old and has NEVER had any health problems. Suddenly she started using the litter box all the time (every 10 mins or so). I took her to the vet and the vet took an xray to look for bladder stones but found nothing. He then forced her to urinate for a urinalysis. The vet told me the results came back and things looked fine. He said that there were a couple of contaminants (like strep) that would have been bad if the sample was taken directly from the bladder but normal since the urine sample was collected after it passed through her system. He concluded that she had idiopathic cystitis and that she was probably stressed from me traveling for work. The thing is that I have always traveled for work and nothing else has changed...I have not moved, had strangers around, or introduced no pets. She is still playing and loving and other than the peeing all the time, seems to be normal.

She seemed to get a bit better but all of a sudden she started crying late the other night. It sounded like she had hurt herself. I got up to find her squating in the bathroom sink trying to urinate. Only a couple drops come out and they are pink (clearly there is blood in the urine). Anyway, she was in a lot of pain so I decided to take her to another vet for a second oppinion. He said that the first vets diagnosis was reasonable and checked her out. He said her bladder was inflammed that that he wanted to take a sterile urine sample directly from the bladder with a needle but that we would have to wait till she felt well enough to hold urine in her bladder. He decided to put her on antibiotics even though no infection has been found so far just to see if it will help. He said to come back a couple days after the meds are done to see if they can get the urine sample.

Im just not buying the stress thing. I have been in town for a month now and she is still having issues. Environmentally, nothing has changed and she still seems to be herself other than the bladder problem. The meds dont seem to be helping after 2 days and I even got feliway to see if that would make a difference (it has not). I really think something else is wrong. She is still crying and urinating in the sink. She is only 3 years old. Has anyone had or heard of this type of problem. Please help...any advise is appreciated. I would just hate for something else to be wrong and to wait till its too late before finding the problem.
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You are kind of in a rough spot...if she's truly not being able to get much urine out that is a problem all by itself.

Cystitis is painful, and can be aggravated by stress, but it doesn't sound as if all has been done that could be for a diagnosis (perhaps one of the vet techs on board will give their opinion on that).

Here is what looks to be a detailed, well written article on this:

I can tell you that Lyra, who was diagnosed with this years ago and grew out of it as she matured, was treated with a wet food diet and glucosamine, to which she responded well.

I am sure others will comment, but in closing, if you feel she's worse/not getting better, trust your instincts and get her back in..if you are not happy with the two opinions you've had, consider getting a 3rd.

I can recommend a great practice on Bridgeport Way in Lakewood.
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Thanks for the article. This does have some helpful information that I have not seen before. I know that part of me may be in denial since Nermal is so young and seems healthy. It just seems so odd to me that she seems to get better for a couple days and then gets way worse. This has been going on since the begining of september. I know cystitis comes and goes in cycles but it seems to me that the cycles should be septerated by more than a couple days. It's so hard to see her in soo much pain and not be able to do anything. She has never urinated outside the litter box till now. I have started wondering about evetything that could be triggering this problem (traveling, vaccumming, maybe she suddenly doenst like the mamma cat, maybe shes getting into something while Im at work). It's so frustrating...I just want to help the poor thing.
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I went thru this with my Anna this summer. Did your vet do a blood panel? Anna was diagnosed with a lower UTI...aka FLUTD. She was crying and trying to go every few minutes.I rushed her to the emergency vet and after an antibiotic shot and a dose of anti-inflamatory meds, she came home and went straight to her litter box and was fine! I think the anti inflamatory meds helped her more than the antibiotics! She has had no problems since.

If I were you, and your kitty is still crying in pain, I'd at least call them and 'demand' they give her an anti-inflamatory med for pain and swelling of her makes all the difference in the world! Here is a link on FLUTD:
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no they have not done any sort of blood panel...they probably think she's too young for major kidney problems but Im sure anything would make me feel better. I agree about the anti-inflam drugs...I think she needs something for the pain. She started trying to urinate in other places this morning. I put down another litter box and I think she was in it at least 10 times in the 20 minutes before I left for work. This is the third day of her antibiotic and it doesnt appear to be doing anything but give her diarea. The problem started around Sept 6 and I took her to the vet on Sept 12th since it seemed to get worse. It appeared to get a little better after the visit but by early October she was worse than the first time. I took her in to the vet again and she seemed to get better for a few days but then by the beginning of November she is crying in pain and its the worst I have ever seen her. At this point I think they are going to have to start medicating me so that I can get some sleep..poor kitty.
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Poor baby. If she's still on antibiotics then your vet should be able to give you something for her pain without you taking her in. No kitty needs to suffer like that. I know how painful it is in humans. If you just call your vet and ask for something for the pain and inflammation... She's suffered long enough.
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That's a long time for this to be going on without a firm diagnosis...I'd get her butt in to a specialist if needed. Def. think she needs more than the antibiotics she's on at this point...poor baby!

ps fwiw, Lyra was young when she was diagnosed with cystitis, thankfully, she no longer has an issue with this.
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how long did Lyra have this problem? Part of the issue is that the vet keeps telling me that it should get better in a few days but as of now, it doesnt seem to be getting better at all. If this is Idiopathic cystitis, I have no idea how long this lasts or how frequent the bouts are. How old was Lyra when this started happening and was there something specific that triggered it?
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She was 2 and 3/4 y.o., and we fed her a wet food only diet, with glucosamine for at least a year (sorry, this was back in 1999 and I don't recall exactly how long).

She was over a year from her one delivery (and a c/section- spay), and I do not recall anything specific such as a new stressor.

I just think (and gosh knows I could be wrong ) that since this has been going on since September with pain, difficulty going, pink tinged urine, she needs further eval and a new approach.

Feeling fierce today
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Thank you for all the help. I took the advise and took her back to the vet. I told them that the clavamax was not working. My coworkers recommended a specific vet at the clinic so I asked to see him. They took more xrays and kept her there for another urine sample. The vet called me an hour ago and told me he found A LOT of bacteria and blood. He said she had a pretty bad infection and needed a much stronger medication. He perscribed zeniquin for ten days and a follow up urinalysis to make sure the infection clears. I am so relieved to have an answer and that its not my imagination. Im keeping my fingures crossed that the medicine will work quickly. Thanks again.
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Sounds like she may be feeling better soon, please keep us posted
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