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Brrrm? Hrrrm?

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One of our cats makes this "brrrm, brrrm" or "hrrm, hrrm" sound when he's really relaxed and walking around. I can't explain's not a purring, it's an actual vocalization of some sort. He does it more after sniffing catnip (), and many times it is either before or after a wrestling match with the other cat. Does anyone know what this is?
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Cats have a wide range of vocalisations, and also vary widely from cat to cat in how and if they use them. My cat also makes "hrrrm" noises (I think normally referred to as a chirrup) usually used to acknowledge someone, especially if they touch him. He also has a higher pitched "brrrrp" when he is feeling playful.

There is an article on cats talking here that describes more of the more commonly used sounds and possible meanings:
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Yep, Juniper does both of those as well. He goes mrrrp when he's happy but playful, and grrrrrrp when he's attacky and playful. I can get him to go grrrrrp by taking his attack rat (the IKEA rat that's about 1/3 his size, but soft) and throwing it up in the air over his head. He'll go "grrrrrrrrp" and jump right at the end, attacking the rat.

He makes more noises than I've ever heard come out of a cat, but that's cos this is my first kitten and the other cats I've known were owned by other people (where you're around them less anyway). When we come home from work, or when we open the door for him in the morning (since we lock him out the bedroom lest our toes be rendered in our sleep), he goes "mew mew meeeooooooooooowwwwwwwwww"
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Popsie makes the hrrrm noise when I touch him while he's sleeping or when he's interested or excited. I love that noise. It's so cute.
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It's kind of a greeting, happy, noise. Ziggy used to do it with her kittens, and now Links does it with Lexi.
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Ferris does it almost nonstop when he's up and about.
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Originally Posted by sadieandziggy View Post
It's kind of a greeting, happy, noise. Ziggy used to do it with her kittens, and now Links does it with Lexi.
speaking of Lexi, did you post
Pixel makes that noise too. sorta a closed mouth version of her purrow [a cross between a purr & a meow, but more of the former]
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So what does "DAAREEEEE" mean then?
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Carmel will sort of go brrmmmm Meow when she's in a good mood and especially when playful. Which is not lately. Something has made her quite pissy lately. Instead I've heard every variation to a growl including mixing it with a meow that a cat can create along with a fair amount of yowling. She still answers me with a Mew Mew to shows she's happy for attention and not particularly mad at me. I'm guessing it's the cold weather since she also only spends 10mins on the screened porch and then wants back inside only to ask to go back outside for another 10mins.
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My cat makes the "chirrup sound, usually when he's awakened from a cat nap. He also seems to do it whenever he thinks you're gonna touch him.
He also does one I haven't heard described yet, I'll do my best to spell it out;
He always does it when he seems a bit bored. After years of astute observation and clinical analysis , I believe it means;

"My voice sounds really cool when it echo's in the bathroom".

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Yes, Jazz does that ALL the time. He does it when he walks, he does it when he is playing, he does it when he is coming into a room...well you get the idea. He does it continually. The other cats are very confused as to why the new guy in our house can't seem to keep his mouth shut.
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Some cats are naturally more vocal than others. Siamese and their mixes are known for "constant comment."

RJ is starting to vocalize at six months, and he has that delightful Maine Coon trill in his voice. Mr. Bond can have an entire dialog with me. I'll ask him what he wants, and when I hit on it, I get a "mmrbr." He has tons of inflections, almost like Chinese.

Puffy, on the other hand, only speaks in extremis. If it's a favorite canned flavor, I might get a chirp out of him. Except when he's frustrated. When a toy is being particularly tough to get at, he'll swear like Yosemite Sam. It's hilarious.
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