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CRF Angel

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Attached is a picture of my Angel Magic who I lost to renal failure on 11/26/02. She is the black cat.

I miss her and I still cry all the time.
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She's so beautiful. I cry for my black cat also, who died of renal failure. When a pet has been in the family, he is family, and we have to grieve. Yesterday, when I spoke with a member about her cat who has CRF, and told her about Blackie, the tears flowed as if it had just happened. But it was fifteen years ago. The love never stops! You won't forget your Angel Magic, and that's as it should be, but I believe you will see her again. I pray that God eases your pain. It won't go away, but as someone said, you learn to live with it, and you will have times of respite from the grief. God bless.
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Angel is very beautiful and she looks exactly like my cat Midnight who went to the Rainbow Bridge a year ago last August. Of course you still miss Angel, she was very special and unique and can never really be replaced. I hope your older cat and new kitten are helping to lessen at least some of the pain.
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Here's my baby that is now 16 & has CRF. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. As someone with a sick kitty I know what a terrible way it is to lose your baby.

OK, I dont' know why this picture is so big??? but I can't seem to make it any smaller.
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What a beautiful cat! Of course you're upset. He's very special.
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