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Phone salesmen amazes crowd (video)

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I just got this tonight in email and thought I would share. It's from a british program like "America's Got Talent". This guy is incredible!! He brought tears to my eyes. And, watch Simon's reactions during his performance. You could tell he thought he was in for a nightmare, and ended up so impressed!
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cant see at work,

i did see one where the guy walked out and you could see the look on everyone face, when the guy said he was going to sing opera, (now i dont like that style of music) but it was a british show.but man could the guy sing., haha, everyone was just stuned, and some women where crying

oh yea, finally it open, that is the one
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Oh that was beautiful!!!!
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That was incredible! I loved how Simon was looking down and chewing on his pen, and as the guy started singing, Simon's head snapped up, and he started listening.
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Wow...he has the most gorgeous voice. Incredible!
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that was AMAZING, and i dont even like opera,lol
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His name is Paul Potts and he actually won Britain's Got Talent. He has an amazing voice.

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Here is his CD that came out called One Chance ........ you can hear Nessun Dorma on there, too.
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I remember him - still brings tears to your eyes listening to him. And in the end he did win the finale too!
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I'm so glad he won!! I meant to ask if anyone knew how he did. Talk about a dream come true, but he definitely deserved it!
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Did you see Simon's jaw drop? I'm glad he won too!
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