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Neutering with a heart problem

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Roscoe had his cardiologist checkup today as he is 6 months old and it's time to neuter him. He was diagnosed 3 months ago with mitral valve dysplasia and a ventricular septal defect. Today we found out that the problem hasn't really progressed other than his heart has only slightly enlarged. She doesn't feel like medicine is need at this time. My regular vet isn't comfortable doing the neutering and recommended that the cardiologist do it, so I asked the cardiologist to do it and have scheduled his appt for the neuter. I'm worried anyway, but the cardiologist doesn't routinely do neuters, so my worry intensifies. Does anyone have any thoughts? Is it THAT simple of a procedure that she'll be able to do it with no problem?

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I think I would feel at ease. All vets during the first few years do routine animal medicine, and then go on to more schools for a specialty. It really is a simple procedure if the testicles are dropped. It only takes from 10 to 20 minutes all together. More than likely he will use gas only, so that if there's a problem, he can bring him right out of anestesia. If you are worried, you should call the vet, explain your anxiety and ask him to explain the procedure to you, and let you know what to expect. It may help put you at ease.
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I also think the cat should be alright, specially since we are dealing with a neuter and not a spay. It's really more of a minor surgery.
I know Tage has a heart murmer and I was REALLY worried about him when he got fixed then any other cat, but he wound up being just fine.
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Roscoe's surgery went fine - they gassed him instead of the regular. We also got a week's worth of liquid Cephalexin. It smells pretty yucky. Any thoughts on how that will taste? He tolerated the Amoxi liquid before, but this doesn't smell as good. Just curious as to how palatable it is.
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I am glad all went well!! The Cephalexin doesn't taste too bad, but some cats seem to react different to it. I have tasted it, and it's not too terrible. LOL...you can always get a little taste and see what you think. You all may laugh, but working at a vets office, we will taste quite a bit to see how well or bad the animals may take it
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