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Good dry food???

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I have a new 1 year old I adopted from the humane society and was wondering what is a good dry food brand to get? Soft food also if there is any....Our old cat was getting Science diet for urinary track problems but it didn't help for Squamous Cell Carcinoma. We put her down last Friday. She was 17 years old and was the love of my life Any help would be great. Thanks!

My 17 year love
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Start here ...
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Wenty, your kitty was beautiful. I'm so sorry for your loss.

I feed my Jack Innova EVO dry and Wellness or EVO canned. He's thriving.
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Thanks guys!
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biggest thing where do you shop??

grocery or big box ??

big chain pet


mom and pop
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I feed Sadie Natural Balance on the advice of her vet.
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I'm so sorry about your baby, she was lovely!!

I feed Roxie Nutro Natural Choice which you can get at most pet stores. I like it because it isn't too expensive and it goes on sale frequently. Roxie has done well on it, she used to be overweight and have icky fur but now it's so soft and fuzzy!
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I'm going to try EVO or ORIGEN and see how she likes it. I have a little pet store just a mile away that sells both. Right now I'm giving what they fed her at the humane society..... Purina Cat Chow. I thinks its making her poops HOT and STINKY!
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I feed mine a mix of California Natural and Orijen dry. Various kinds of wet.
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i feed mine either Nutro Max or Chicken Soup. the Nutro is a bit cheaper, but i like the Chicken Soup ingredients better.
3 also get wet food once a day - Chicken Soup w/9 Lives gravy [the ferals get 9 Lives, & it has WAAAAY too much juice, so i pour the excess over the Chicken Soup, which is pretty much juiceless].
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