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Whats cooking?

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I made dinner when I got up because I knew that workmen would be coming to fix take down the kitchen cieling

I made stake and ale stew in the crock pot its been cooking all day and making everyone hungery
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That must've been nice to come home to on a cold day!

I made spaghetti with meat sauce - with the meat I had leftover after Pushkin found it defrosting in the sink and dragged it out, dropped it on the floor and ripped through the bag to eat about 1/4 of it..... still tasted OK.
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Wow that sounds wonderful!

I on the other hand had oatmeal... we had no soup and I didnt want ramen and that was the only other warm thing we had. I really should go shopping. I hate being a poor college kid!
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taco meat, refried beans, salsa, cheese, and spices all mixed together. Serve with tortilla chips and yum yum
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I put a swiss steak in the crock pot this morning, so dinner is just waiting for me to get home from work.
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Well it's 11am so close to lunch time. I scrambled up some eggs on toast, add in a little milk, chives and crumbled parmesan and it's perfect *rubs tummy*

Atm am snacking on some yoghurt. There's a new Yoplait brand called Elivae, it's low G.I low fat. I bought rhubarb & apple and honey & fig. I am SO addicted now!! Can you overdose on yoghurt?
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frozen pizza for me
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I was the world's laziest mother today. Macaroni and Cheese with kielbasa. I had to get dinner over with quick because I had about 30 minutes from the time I got home to leave again to take DS to guitar practice.
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Some store bought fresh cheese ravioli with jarred tomato sauce. haha I was lazy today.
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Uncle Ben's Ready Rice and lunch meat sandwiches.
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Turkey pie with stuffing topping
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I ate chicken breast with rotissere seasoning and a baked sweet potato. So yummy!
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We had Fox's pizza with green peppers and mushrooms and breadsticks.
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Tonight I made roast (soooo yummy!), corn, chedder & garlic potatoes, brown rice, and homemade mac & cheese It was soooo good (and all of it was low fat and made with lactaid milk) My best friend came over for dinner tonight with me can Colin
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