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what will be better for my Lenn

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Hi, I'm new! I have an question about my cat that I can't seem to find any good opinions from any of my friends.

I adopted Lenn this year and he is 6 months old and a beautiful active orange tabby. Over the holidays (both thanksgiving and christmas) i'm going to be visiting my parents house. I'm not sure about leaving my cat alone in my apt for 4-5 days. My mom suggested bringing him to their house with me, the only stresser is they have two adult cats, and their large unfamiliar home.

Does that sound like a horrible idea? will it over stress him? should i just leave him at home?

thanks for listening to my questions.
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I think you should bring him with you, but keep him to one room. Will you be staying in a spare room they have? If so, keep him in there and don't let the other cats in. He will be better with you there with him.

Bring lots of familiar items with you, like his bed, a small scratch post and his favourite toys. Also take his own food and water bowls and his litter tray. Seems like a lot, but you don't want to use another cats 'equipment' for a kitten who isn't used to other cats.

Good luck with everything!!! Let us know what you decide.
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I agree... he's young enough that it should be a major stress and it might be easier on him to go with you. You might want to take him for a few short car rides before you leave. My bigger concern would be stressing out the adult cats at your parents. However, like S&Z said, if you can keep him to one room it should be fine. My MIL always says I can bring my cats when we visit them but my kitties don't travel well so it's easier for them and us to keep them home and have a friend check up on them.
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Hi there and welcome!

Do you have someone who could come around and feed Lenn twice a day and play with him for a while? If you do I think the better option is to leave him at home in his own surroundings. Travelling and a new environment could upset him unnecessarily as cats are very territorial.

Harry HATES the car so I avoid taking him out of his environment as much as possible. Good luck with whatever you decide!
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I do think though that he is too young to be left alone for long periods of time. If you were to have a friend over to feed/scoop and play, then I would say that they should probably stay over when they can too.
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Well, S&Z's suggestions are good ones! I would add that spraying his carrier with Feliway before travel and again as your journey unfolds will almost certainly keep him feeling calm and safe and friendly.

If you are thinking of leaving him home, though, and you don't have a trusted and responsible cat-friendly relative or friend to be his "cat sitter", you can always GoodSearch of Google "cat sitters in (your area)" and see if you can find a bonded one who impresses you (and more importantly, Lenn!) Good luck whichever way you decide to go, and keep us updated, won't you?
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