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I have used Solid Gold canned. It used to be chunks in gravy and they must have changed it to a loaf type. My cats really liked it when it came in chunks but they didnt seem to care for it as much in the new loaf form.

P.S. I never noticed any stinky poops when they ate it and I used to feed it quite often.
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Nern: Some cats get effected by sea food products to a higher degree, specially if you just start them on this new diet.

My cats and Ferret have been on seafood products before and there are some brands which effected their stools and others not.
Either way, it's not pleasent to run into! So I try to avoid it unless it's a food I know doesn't bother them that way.
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I was just curious if anyone's cats liked Solid Gold wet food. I think I will stick with Nutro Max wet food since there are so many different flavors. I've noticed that when my Siamese, Mimi, eats anything with lot's of fish in it, she get's really stinky stools! I usually feed her wet food with Chicken or Duck, she loves it!

The #1 thing I don't want to smell is stinky stools !
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