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Gah! Brushing difficulties!

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They won't let me brush them no matter how gentle I am, which I am! Tiger's tail needed some serious combing so we had to end up having to restrain him just to get it done. Angel doesn't need as much grooming because she's a short haired but it's still hard because they both like to play with the brush.
Any tips?
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Establish a routine of grooming several times a week. I'm assuming the problem cat is a long hair one? That one you have to do a little each day till he's more cooperative. Start combing him from the ruff/neck back - make it about 5-10 mins of grooming once a day till he's more used to things and you can work up to complete grooming before letting him go.
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Thanks, and yes Tiger is a long haired. They're still kittens so everything is play to them.
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Yes, kittens especially will want to play with the comb. (make sure you're using combs instead of brushes.) Don't let them play with the comb. They'll always think it's a toy and playtime. I wouldn't worry too much about your short haired kitty.
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Give the kitten a brush to play with and use the comb for grooming only
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And don't forget a treat as soon as you're done everytime...treats can be powerful incentives!
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wait until the cat gets in the "i need some stroking mode" then carefully fold a towel around him and begin to slowly brush it watching for reaction. if he squirms then give it time to relax.
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I've the same problem with Blossom. She's semi-long haired & hates being brushed even though I started when she was a kitten. Thankfully she doesn't matt very much. When she does its around her bottom & I've cut them out.
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They like the sound of the brush's bristles when they grab for it. Tiger hates the comb now though. At least his tail's groomed now, I was able to brush out practically a handful of fur. Better out this way with a stuggle than the ol' hacking hairball.
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Grooming is very intense and can work them up. Start with just the head, they love that, and work him into it will little sessions that end with a treat.

I let them go ahead and play with the brush or comb, it's a sign they want it to stop. But soon they know it's pleasurable and get used to it, and then it becomes something fun to do together.

Once he's pretty good about it, switch around; start with the tail and work towards the head, their favorite part. Otherwise they will bail out on you when you get to the belly and the other tricky bits.
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fed them cat treats as you groom them - they then begin to link the treats with the grooming. a motivational reward!
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