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Preparing him for a 6 hour drive

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Well tonight I plan on taking Jordan out for a drive that includes getting on the freeway and will not end with going to the vet. Basicly he hasn't gone anywhere in the car since he came to live with me that didn't include a trip to the vet. So before we go I know I need to drive him around some so that he gets used to being in the car. I'm even thinking I may stop & get some treats to give him while we drive.

So are there any other suggestions for me to prepare him ahead of time, or on the day of the big drive?
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Well when we picked up Charlie (at 4 months old) he had a 6 hr drive back home for the first time he was in a car. He didn't like it very much. We would stop at rest stops or to eat and allow him to get out of the carrier for awhile.

Up till recently he would usually pee and/or poop in the carrier. He is 14 1/2 months old now and holds it better, but we still will carry extra towels, paper towels and plastic bags cause going or coming, we know he still will mess in the carrier.

So have those things on hand. We usually will play music in the car, and sometimes will cover the carrier to keep him quiet. But Charlie kinda likes to know what is going on and the covered carrier doesn't always work.

He's a show cat and its always 2-6 or 7 hrs of driving time for any shows for us.
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Your going to have problems.

I take mine out every weekend, if only to go to the store.
Some of the Pet stores let you bring leashed pets in.
I have a throw away litter box in the car.
I allow them to roam, but make sure the carrier is safe and comfy.
They normally complain for about 5 minutes or so, then poop, then go into the carrier.
Took a few weeks to get all this to work.
I learn my lession from my 13 year old cat who was dying, everytime we went to the vet it was horrible, and we had to go often.
Now we go "shopping" and we happen to drop by the vet, they walk in, and until we are in the office they aren't many complaints.
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Originally Posted by laserray View Post
Your going to have problems.
I'm afraid it will be difficult. I really need to get serious about taking him out for drives. I've never taken him to a pet store because he's agressive when around other animals he doesn't know. So I don't think the pet store would be a good experience, that's why I'm leaning towards driving to a fast food place & feeding him fast food while I drive him around.
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No need to be feeding him fast food and driving. Just ride him around so he knows its not always to the vet.

My first cat was terrified in the car (think someone abused him in a car when they dropped him off). Anyway, I broke him of the problem, by taking him for short runs around the block.

He rode loose in the car (this was before I learned it was NOT a good idea to be doing it) and would jump in the back seat and stay there when the car was running. At the time I also owned a horse and many Saturdays, I'd take Mitten with me to visit the horse - he rode in the car fine after awhile and enjoyed watching from the windows when we got to the barn.

I guess it took a few weeks to a month for him to be totally unafraid and like car riding.
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Don't feed him anything but kitty food.
Otherwise you will be cleaning up a vomit mess, (ask me how I know?)

The object is to get him to relax and not asociate the car with going to the vets.

On a long drive food, water and a litter box of some kind.

I read the big objections to letting the cat loose in the car but mine eventually go into the carrier because is cozy. I want them to be relaxed.
They can take about 12 hours after that we need to stop in a hotel, but even I'm tired.
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Luckily the shelter I volunteer at is going to let me borrow a large carrier & a small litter box so that I know he'll be comfy.
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