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Elbow Injury?

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Is it possible to seriously hurt your elbow but still be able to move it? I took a Labrador head to the elbow at work this morning and its been throbbing all afternoon! I iced it down and it helped some, but its bruised and it really hurts to straighten it out all the way. Any ideas on what might be wrong? Anyone had an injury like this?
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How's the Labrador's head?

Seriously, your elbow will probably feel better by tonight or tomorrow.
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Your elbow is a very sensitive area as a nerve runs very close to the surface, just beside the pointy bit. It's very painful when you bang it but it should ease over the next day or two. Keep icing it and if it doesn't ease over the next few days get it x-rayed. It's unlikely but you could have a hairline fracture..

Hope it feels better soon!
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The lab just kinda looked up at me with a goofy look on his face. But thats his normal face! He's an adorable black lab but has serious separation anxiety, his owners are just fostering him right now and really want to get rid of him because he has destroyed their home. I would take him if I had the room for him but I dont.
Thanks for the responses and hopefully tomorrow it'll be better!
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I've been doing lots of painting lately and my elbow has been very sore.tender and hurts at night.
Have you iced it at all?? You should do this for about 20 minutes at least 3-4 times/day plus take some anti-inflamatory drugs.

I once smacked my elbow on the refrigerator handle and the doc said it was bursitis!!
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