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Question for the ladies

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Have any of you ever noticed running a low grade fever when it's close to that time of the month? It started two months ago, when it got close to that time of the month my temperature stayed right around 99 degrees, and I had chills. It lasted for a few days then went away. Same thing last month, higher temperature and chills. Now, it's right around 3 days away from day 30 and I started with the fever last night. I had chills and took my temperature and it was at 99.0, and it's been that way off and on all day today. Is it something I should be concerned about or could it be considered "normal"? I have no other symptoms except a bit of tiredness and stress (I get stressed out when I'm sick, and a fever stresses me out worse than almost anything else).
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I have not noticed anything like that for me. How old are you, could it be pre-stages of menopause? I'm not quite 30 yet so I wouldn't know if that could be the case with that either. I hope someone is able to help you more but I just wanted to let you know that I hope it's nothing and it's just your body reacting to the stress of menstration.
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I'm almost 21, so I doubt it could be menopause!
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After you ovulate about half-way through the month, your temperature rises until your menstrual cycle begins.

I'm 25 but I've experienced hot flashes the few days prior to my period for years. Then as soon as I get it and the temperature drops, I'm back to normal again.

Your body temperature is lower earlier in the monthly cycle and then goes up after ovulation.

I totally feel where you're coming from. I hate those few days and how warm my body gets. It's just another huge draw-back that PMS offers for me!
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im 25 and at night I used to wake up drippong in sweat! it stopped now htough, wierd
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I've always heard you get a low fever when you are ovulating.
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I've never measured my temperature before, but I know I am more sensitive to room conditions (drafts that give chills, extremely warm rooms). It's not anything drastic, but something that's noticeable.
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I'm very sensitive to cold too, and usually have a cooler than normal body temperature... that among a few other odd problems had my GP testing my thyroid (tested fine )

I don't get fevers unless I'm very very sick. I do however get flare up of pain in my joints around that time..but am cramp free, odd trade off.
Everyone is different, and if you think there's a pattern then starting taking your temp over the next few months and write it down. If seriously worried see your GP and maybe ask for a basic cbc to make sure you're levels are ok - many women can get a little anemic around that time after all, and that can make you feel worse.
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You do go through temperature changes throughout the month. Some people will actually track their temperature to know when they are most likely to get pregnant and when their period is going to start. However feeling chills is a little above average (not to say it can't still be normal) so I would at least phone a doctor for their opinion.

I just get even worse insomnia and anemia. My blood tests already come out at the bottom line of normal for every nutrient and blood count so it's not helpful to lose so much blood. I have to take excessive amounts of vitamins for a few days to a week every month or I don't have enough energy to get out of bed.
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I always have the slightest of fevers right before that time of the month.
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Thanks so much everyone. I'm not really so sure about the chills being part of it, its been in the low 40s here and we live in a basement with just the concrete walls and floors right now. We have a heater but John says it feels cold to him down here too, so that could be what's causing my chills and I didn't realize it. I just assumed it was because of my higher temperature. I'll keep track of it and hopefully it goes away soon.
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