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Kitty Cat Separation Anxiety???

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Is this a real thing? One of my new kittens is driving me nuts! We adopted two (at the time) 5 month old kittens (brothers)6 weeks ago. They are adorable and sweet and rambunctious new friends we affectionately named Jake and Elwood (the Blues Brothers). However Elwood cries ALL the time! There is nothing wrong with him - he'e been to the vet. He just wants me to be with him all the time. He follows me all over the place and, god forbid, if I go into the bedroom and shut the door - even to get dressed for work - he goes crazy meowing his head off at the door! It's driving us crazy. how can I stop this?

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I am moving this to the other forum for you the Cat Behavior Forum.
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All 3 of my cats INSISTS on being in the same room with me and if I close the door, they'd meow and scratch at the door like crazy till I opened the door.

Now, I never close the door and there haven't been any problems since then. I've learned to put up with cats being on my lap in the bathroom and on my shoulder while I'm trying to get dressed.

My cats knows they rule me in our home!
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I'm glad you have had him checked by the vet. Whenever there is a problem behavior it is always best to rule out a medical cause first.

You can train your kitten not to cry so much. The way to do this is to ONLY pay attention to the kitten when he is quiet. Then, as soon as he is quiet, give him LOTS of attention. You need to be sure that you give him lots of love and attention every time he is quiet. Even if he has been quiet for only 10 seconds, tell him how good he is, scratch his head, and give him some snuggles. But, if he starts to cry again, just ignore him.

If you give him attention when he cries, he will learn that the way to get you to notice him is to be noisy. So, ignore him when he cries and lavish the attention on him when he is quiet. It will take a little time, but if you are careful to give attention ONLY when he is quiet, he should settle down.

Good luck!
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Ok now that you are moved, chances are he has identified with you early on in life and formed an attachment to you. He probably runs up to you first thing and rubs your legs in the morning, this leaves his scent on you and allows him to pick up your scent as well.

I know it is hard but when he is mewing and you know he has all his creature comforts, ignore him. Pam Johnson-Bennet in her book Think Like a Cat suggests you put on headphones, stick in earplugs, read outloud from a book or sing loudly. Once you cave in and pick him up and cuddle him or do whatever you think necessary to keep him quiet, he learns that meowing works.

When he is quiet, then play with him, stroke him pet him, play interactive games with him. Hide yummy treats for him all over the house and reward him when he is quiet- pounce treats work well for this.

Squirrel used to be insistent when anyone was in the bathroom, crying, scratching, mewing, begging. It took quite awhile for her to understand she gets what she wants (to come in and lay on the rug) only when she is quiet.

Good luck!
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LOL Renae! Great minds eh??
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I've been trying to do that and he still cries. It's so sad! Maybe I just need to give it a little more time.

So - NO attention when he's mewing? ONLY when he's quiet?
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Right, unless you know he is injured or sick, if he is just crying to cry, no attention, none at all. I know it is hard- but it does work.
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Yup - he's as healthy as a Lion! Took them both to the vet three weeks ago and they're in great shape.

When do I give the treats?

Gee - I sound like such a newbie. But all of my other pals never did this!

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You need to ignore the meowing and reward the silence every single minute of the day and night that you are awake. This behavior won't go away in a day or two. It will take several weeks for it to work.

Just remember NEVER pay attention while he is crying (unless injured or ill) and give scritches and praise EVERY time you notice that he is quiet and give yummy treats when he has been quiet for longer periods of time.
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Thanks! I'll try it. I hope it works. I'll keep you posted.

have I mentioned that I love this site?

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Wow ... I can't remember the last time I was allowed to close a door in my house! The kitties have trained me well.
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I don't really want the closed doors but that is the ONE thing my husband insisted on, especially at night. He has allergies.

They're allowed in the bedroom, but only if one of us is in there. When I kitty-proofed, I had to move all my breakables and plants in there, so we just want to be sure no one gets hurt. i'm trying to keep them out of there because I don't want them to be used to going in there whenever they want to - hence the trying to stop them from mewing all the time when I'm not with them. I still feel like I'm in a losing battle.
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