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Wednesday DT

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Hello all,
Hows it going?
This is what I look like before my coffee:

And right now I am making one.

Its raining here, but its pretty warm, odd since the past few days were snowy. But I am glad thats all over.

I have to go and pick up some pants later this afternoon, I bought some but they were too long and since my mum isnt in the states to sew them for me, I had to go to a dressmaker to get them done for me. At least I will be able to wear them.

Kahu has been following me everywhere, I have to be careful not to stand on him! But he is so sweet that he doesnt mind. HIs personality is really coming out, and he is so loving. All those stories about deaf cats being so loving are true. He is curled up in a little ball sleeping like an angel.

I ate too much chili yesterday and so I paid the price for it today.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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Nothing going on, here. Opie hasn't gotten out of bed, yet and Rowdy has been on a rampage.

Pearl has a new trick: she has learned how to slip Ike's collar off. Last night, she came running up to me, to show it off. Ike wears an adjustable nylon collar and it gets loose, from time to time. Pearl gets hold of his tag and slips the collar over his head. And I thought Rowdy was the mischievous one!

Happy hump day.
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Work is so busy today. People are calling in and all the lines are busy. It automatically sends the rest of the calls to voice mail. I can't even call those people back because the phone won't stop. Everyone who is trying to call here gets really nasty because they can't get through! This mornings crash of the forum scared the beegeesus out of me. I'm glad it's back up. This is what I look like before my coffee....
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Nenners! Love that picture!


So glad the forums are back up!! And Hissy, you owe me a Starbucks coffee!!

Today I am happy to report that our 18 day cold snap is coming to an end! The temperatures are slowly edging up and will be 1C by the weekend!! Wooohooo...break out the shorts!!

Our mortgage company called us and said that the town will not release our taxes since according to their records the house was never transferred over to our names!! We bought it last summer, so now more phone calls to the lawyer. Between this and our other lawyer problems, I never want to see another lawyer ever again!

Oh yes, the fun and excitement reigns here at the Kass & Nakita household!

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Oh joy - you are losing your cold spell, Russian, and we are just getting it. The weather forecast is snow, artic gales and minus temperatures

Great pictures! (Note to self - must learn how to do pictures and other clever stuff with computers)

Nenners - hope your day gets better.

Russian - good luck with the solicitors.
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Kass - Hope you get things worked out -- what a pain!!!

Nenners - Hope the phones slow down so you can get caught up!

We had a video shoot this morning. I didn't think it was so cold -- but the last half hour we shot outside. A bit chillier than I thought. Oh well, it's done now. And I love doing video shoots even if it means scorching sun or freezing winds. My boss so rarely lets me help with them lately so I'll take what I can get. I just hope my footage is not blurry. I have a hard time focusing on moving shots, so I end up using autofocus.

I have a tech meeting withour volunteers tonight and then I am going home and vegging out. My husband has praise team practice tonight, so I get a few hours alone in the house (I love my husband, but does anyone else crave alone time. too?).

Hope everyone is having a good day!
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The forum crashed today????? No wonder it seemed so quiet when I checked at noon.

Nothing going on today. I don't dare show anyone what I look like before coffee!!!

Tonight...I am off to the casino. Wish me luck!!!!

Cindy, that is too cute. I can almost see Pearl removing the collar.

Kass...hope things work out!

Ooops....have to go. Boss bringing me work! Drats!
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Good luck at the casino Ghyslaine!
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I was panicing when I couldn't get to the forums today! At least that took away the stress of having a job interview today. I think the interview went well, but I won't find out anything until end of April as they have 70 people to interview. It wuld mean better pay and a job closer to home! That would be so great. Kass isn't nice to have some sunshine for a change. I am looking forward to getting out of the negative number temperatures!

Hope everyone has a good day!
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