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Dirty Water Bowl

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I put the food and water right next to the litter box for my cats and they don't seem to have a problem with it. The only problem is that it seems like they would wash their paws in the bowl after using the litter box, leaving a lot of sand in it and make the water dirty. I am using the scoopable one so it dissolves in water...

Then, I move the food and water to the other side of the room. It does not solved the water problem and worse, there is sand every where in the house now!!! I can't keep my eyes on the water all day everyday and it hurts to see them drinking dirty water. I was thinking about getting a water dispenser but I don't think that will help. I need help!? Thank you very much in advance!
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maybe 2 water bowls? one by the litter box and then one by the food away from the litter box?
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Food and Water should be AWAY from the litterbox.
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Food and Water should be AWAY from the litterbox.
You definitely should not put the food and water next to the litter box. Not only do they not like it usually, but they could get sick from contaminated water.

I keep a small broom and dustpan next to the litter box and sweep up every time I go in that room.
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to avoid having cat litter in thru the whole house, i put down some super cheap plasticy-rubbery textured place mats i found at the dollar store as kind of a kitty walk way to and from the litter box. if your cats are into washing their paws, i guess give them two water bowls. you really shouldn't put their food and water near their bathroom. i wouldn't want to have to poop and eat in the same place, so even if you're in cramped quarters try to get some space between those two activities. =)
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Consider getting a Drinkfountain that also filters the water... they can be had for 20-40$ shipped !
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I would guess they are doing what carmel does, dip their paws to test the depth of the water before drinking. It avoids her accidentally dumping her nose. The kitten has picked up the same behavior. My best solution would be different cat litter. If it's tracking that badly nothing is going to prevent it 100%. A litter mat outside the box will help but won't prevent all of it. 2 water bowls is just going to give them either 1 dirty bowl that they still drink out of or more likely 2 slightly less but still dirty bowls. I doubt it solves the problem and it won't solve the litter being tracked across the house.
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If they are dipping their paws, they might not be able to see the water line. I bought bowls with pictures on the bottom for Stimpy to solve that. I also have a fountain, because Raven only drinks out of a fountain.

I would also suggest moving the food away from the litterbox. It would be more sanitary, and you can invite behavioral problems by leaving them there. Cats don't like their nesting areas near their elimination areas. Here's a link to a TCS article about litterbox placement and why that configuration can lead to problems.
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