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Natural Supplements

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Hi all!

I'm writing this today 'cause i'm sick. Really sick. I can't breath thru my nose, i feel like i have paper cups over my ears, and I have been coughing for 2 days. This is the third time in a month that I have gotten a really bad cold. Someone once told me of a type of herbal/natural supplement that you take when you feel a cold coming on. It was like youcanasia. haha well something like that. Do any of you take anything like that? Thanks!
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You must mean echinacea. A lot of people have had problems, with this stuff, though. Zinc and vitamin C are a better bet, for a cold.
Chicken soup is good, for relieving symptoms, too. Millions of grandmothers, can't be wrong.
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Sorry to hear that your so sick. I think the natural supplement you meant was echinacea (but good try though *lol*). From everything I have read on echinacea, it doesn't prevent a cold, but can reduce it's effects and duration.

Both my boyfriend and I take a nutritional supplement called Greens+. I also take a calcium supplement.

Whenever I do feel a cold coming on I eat raw garlic (I swear by it!). I mince some up and put it in a salad or whatever else I'm eating. You have to use raw garlic since it looses alot of its healing properties during the cooking process.

Plus, we use garlic in our cooking almost on a daily basis. My boyfriend and I have been together 7 years and neither of us have had a cold in that time (besides a runny nose!)

A resource for natural supplements and good health is Dr. Weil. I really like his way of thinking.You can check out his website here: Dr. Weil

Hope you feel better! Get lots of rest and fluids!!

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I eat a lot of raw garlic as well. A friend of ours recommended it and so we started on it.
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