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Please Help!!!!!!!!!

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I have (5) 3week old kittens........There mother was being an Excellent mother until today when she decided to move them from underneath my daughters bed to underneath my bed..(which may i add there is heaps of noise in my bedroom as it leads to utside) ..Anyhow now she is growling at them and hissing at them and not really taking a great deal of notice of them....They are all crying and i feel so bad........I can hear her growling underneath the bed as im typing this...And when i feel her titties they are empty except for the back 2 which are hard as rocks.........Why is she doing this????????/And why did she move them?..........The mother is only 1 yr old has that got something to do with it?.....I am beside myself with worry!.......Please help!!!!!!!!!!!
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First of all, you have to clam down. If she senses that you're nervous, she'll get more upset. She moved them because she felt that they were being threatened somehow. Is there a room you can put her and the babies in where nobody will bother her or them? Also, she has milk but I do suggest you go get her some KMR which is a milk replacement. Mix it with NutraCal, a some baby cereal (Gerber's is the best). It's the one that comes in a box and only give her the rice, oatmeal or mix flavors. She is growling not at the babies but at you because although you won't do anything to her, this is her first litter and she's a little confused. Also, I would get a book telling you what to expect with new kittens. If there is anything, else I can help you with, just yell.

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I am a bit worried about the two "hard rock" teats. There is a possibility of infection. If that would be the case, she would also be running a fever, lose her apetite and have changes in behavior. If in doubt, please get her to the vet ASAP, as this condition can be fatal to both mother and kittens.
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Just wanted to add - please get her spayed real soon! She could get into heat within weeks and have another litter. You can make an appointment with the vet, provided she's healthy, for when the kittens are 7-8 weeks old.
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Her growling at the kittens would explain an infection... if they are trying to nurse and it's causing her pain, she is getting mad at them because as far as she realizes, they are the cause of her pain. Talk to a vet ASAP and you may have to bottle feed the kittens until she can nurse again if she isn't allowing them to nurse.
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