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High fiber wet foods

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Two weeks ago, Babee had blood in her stools. My vet gave me some antibiotics for Colitis. Today there is still a little blood..not much but enough to still worry me. My vet says that straining may also be a factor. Is there any high fiber wet foods that can be bought at Petco or Petsmart? My vet gave me Science Diet but my kitty hated it. I tried canned pumpkin mixed with her regular food but she wouldn't touch it. I feed her Natural Balance and some from Nutro Natural Choice but it only contains 1.5 or 2%, which my vet says is low. Any suggestions? Thanks
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You can try adding a fiber supplement to her current diet, or using Lactulose or Laxatone intermittently.

Have you changed anything recently? Did your vet take an x-ray or check the consistency of her stool? How old is she?
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Your feeding wet food?? that 1.5 -2 % is actually 4.5- 8 % fiber....

add pumpkin or possibley a probiotic would help

I have colitis and so does Gigi my dog ... Probiotics work here and SOUBLE fiber
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You can mix in a fiber supplement powder like this:

It's psyllium husks รขโ‚ฌโ€ identical to Metamucil, only with some malt flavor to make it more appealing to cats.

My cat has colitis and I use this. I think he may like the taste... he seems more likely to eat wet food when it has this mixed in.
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