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Cat diet?

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Ok, I have two cats, a brother and sister. The sister, (I call her the mom cat) has given birth to eight cats so far (the second batch is 4-5 months old now) and they all live outside in my relatively large backyard, due to most of my family being allergic to them. They hunt at night. They've eaten most of the lizards around the house (so no more of those) and the other day they've eaten a frog. And they catch a squirrel or a mouse every now and then.

I feed them once a day in the morning (forgot what brand the food is, but it's good). My question is, is this a good diet? I asked my parents to let me feed them at least twice a day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon, but they said the cats don't need that much because they hunt. One of the main reasons my dad keeps them is because they do a good job in clearing the place of lizards, snakes, insects and other such things, but still, I don't think that's enough food they're getting. Although I really couldn't say, so I come here to ask if this is the right thing to do. They aren't what I would call fat, but they certainly aren't skinny either.

I've had the mom cat and her brother for two years now and they are quite trusting towards us only, as they don't take well to people outside my family, so you certainly can't see them as sort of regular strays or anything just because they live outside (actually 2-3 years ago they used to be stray semi-kittens I found in the backyard, but still).

Many thanks for your help.
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Then "so far" you have 10 cats that are kept outside and are not fixed? That doesn't seem very responsible.
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Please do look into getting them all neutered - there are people on here who can give you details of low cost clinics if money is an issue. They do need feeding twice a day, and well fed cats are actually better hunters, as they do it for pleasure rather than cos they need the food.
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You mom cat is going to continue having kittens with her brother and/or sons every 6 months. The girls from her first litter will be having kittens of their own with their brothers and/or father very soon. Please have them spayed and neutered before you have a population larger than you can handle.

Most towns offer low cost or even free spay/neuters. Getting them fixed needs to be the priority now. Have your parents join the forum.
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without knowing what food ( ps if she gets it at the grocery store it likely is not that good)... Free feeding is fine for many cats but add some wet food ..

AND like the others said PLEASE start spaying and neutering( the latter is cheaper )
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