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Anyone like anime?

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Is anyone here a fan of anime? I'm not talking about stuff like Dragonball, Sailor Moon or Pokemon but the serious anime films. Lately I've been on an anime kick. In the past week I've watched Ghost In The Shell, Vampire Hunter D and Appleseed as well as Robotech and Starblazers: The Quest For Iscandar. Right now I'm downloading Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust from VEOH.com.

Any recommendations for good films?
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sometimes, depends. i loved starblazers i hmm made backup copies of that one.
Robotech i could never get into. it just depends.

there have been some Very good anime movies.
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Princess Mononoke was probably the only anime movie that I really liked. Every couple of years I rent it just to see it again.
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As usual, when I want to remember stuff my mind fails me. All I can really think of at the moment is Devil Man and Devil Man Lady (for some reason Animetal Lady always pops into mind ), if you don't mind the messed up gory stuff.

There's the Armitage ovas and movie, if you're into sci fi Blade Runner (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?) type stuff. Also the typical suggestions, Akira. Metropolis is a bit sad, but has a nice story.

And my memory failed again, I forgot the other one I was going to suggest... Post back with some preferred genres and I can ask a friend for more suggestions, his memory is better than mine.

Also if you have satalite or lots of channels on your cable there are several channels that air anime now, though more often than not it's new stuff. The stars movie package has the encore channels that show some on at night and sci fi channel shows some on Mondays.
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I love most Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli films. Not sure they count as anime? Either way, well worth seeing.
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No no no it's not Starblazers! It's Space Battleship Yamato, it was retitled Starblazers for the US

Akira, any Miyazaki film, Cowboy Bebop (the movie)

For series:
Space Battleship Yamato (Starblazers)
Death Note
Cowboy Bebop

If you like the mech stuff, Candidate for Goddess was another good series
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Black Lagoon (Must see)
Ghost in the Shell
Trinity Blood
Escaflowne (The movie's better than the series)
Spirited Away (Cute movie)

I like the series Avatar, the Last Airbender. It's got a great storyline, plus the graphics are easy on the eyes for American made, at least I think it's American.
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